Clash Legend – Magic weapons are at your fingertips

[Game] Clash Legend – Boss Battle

Clash LegendOn the basis of retaining the original flavor, we boldly use a large number of innovative materials to innovate and bring forth new ones, which perfectly integrates the essence of Fighter, Mege and Taoist.

Game Features:
Fighting BOSS, magic weapons are at your fingertips
Rich and diverse BOSS gameplay, experience the thrill of madly brushing BOSS

Cool wings, gorgeous appearance stunning full clothes
The god outfit is added, the dominance reigns, and the new wings are shocking!
More powerful attribute bonuses, more cool appearance display, more extreme combat experience!

Guild organization, brothers gather to create a new hegemony
Form like-minded teams, build a heart-to-heart guild, like-minded, stand together through thick and thin, and work together to create dominance!

Clash Legend user reviews :

What does the envelope do, you click on it and the chat comes up. You click on the Facebook link and my Google maps shows up. Are they dummy links or what?

I have a problem when I finished tower 19/10 the prize (a piece of runes where not collected) i searched for it every were but i didn’t find it…i hope you add a contact with support icon for us

I like tge game at all but the problem here it’s unable to chat properly please fix this and i can recommend this game to my friends they not refuse when i tell them to play this game

The boss in the autoplay was so very over power, the heck!? The damage it’s almost 3 million damage? Then the stun ring don’t have a effect in the boss in autoplay. Suggestion! Please lower the challenge boss in auto play, so we can enjoy playing. This game was totaly expensive!

This is the worst game the buttons don’t even work and the screen glitches out,. You have to press claim a hundred times before it will claim it and that goes for all the buttons on screen, horrible

  • Thank you for your kind suggestion. We would mark your comment to our team as consideration. If you have any questions you can contact us via Facebook

Hi i love this game bro its cool but i deleted it cause I’m full storage So i will miss this game very much My name in this game is BakaODEYto I hope u see this thanks

My 2 recharges are not working! I hope you can help me. the vip points are also not added. and I can’t claim the first recharges reward. this is scam for me

  • Thank you for your love of our game. We will keep improving the game to make it more fun for players.

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