Zombie Waves – Unravel the truth behind the outbreak

[Game] Zombie Waves

Zombie WavesDanger lurks around every corner in this zombie-infested post-apocalypse!

Keep your wits sharp — the myriad infected will attempt to overwhelm you with their endless numbers the minute you step foot into the world.
Rally companions to your side as you attempt to unravel the truth behind the outbreak.
Test your survivalist mettle against a world intent on one goal: your demise!
Load up on ammo, cull the shambling hordes that block your way, and stand your ground as a beacon of hope in humanity’s darkest hour!

Gameplay Features:
One-handed Controls: Single-handedly mow down hordes of mutant horrors
Craft tactics and synergies based around 100+ roguelite skills and gamebreaking ultimate abilities
A multitude of stage scenarios for an immersive tooth-and-nail survival experience
A grotesque conglomeration of formidable bosses that will attempt to thwart your progress at every turn

Zombie Waves user reviews :

The game is fun, definitely does its own spin on skill progression, and getting the right combo feels satisfying Until you hit a wall. A paywall, if you will. You have to grind like crazy, losing because of very obvious lack of firepower. The only way to GET firepower is to purchase stuff. For money. At first I tried to make do with ads, but then they just… Stopped working. So progression speed reduced to snail’s pace. Very much not fun.

UPDATE… Game has a bug that crashes it when opening. FINALLY!!! Zombie Waves has taken a totally awesome game; ‘Mow zombies’, and made it playable, an took away intrusive ads!!! Heck yeah, and it’s so much like the OG. Thank you Zombie Wackves for bringing this game back to us. Definitely worth the download. Yeah, you’ll have to take time to level up, but you’ll enjoy the time!

  • Thanks a lot for supporting our game. Zombie Waves is the latest game from the original team behind Mow Zombies.

I really like this game and want to give it more stars, but everytime I have click several times, sometimes just giving up trying to watch the ads. It only happens in this game. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still have the same issue. Please fix ASAP. Thank you. Still having so many issues trying to watch the ads for gear and other goodies and it is so frustrating so I have come to the conclusion that I am uninstalling the game.

One of the better survival games out there for the first few hours, then has the same problems as the rest. You hit a wall where you can’t progress without serious grinding or spending, but you can only buy an extra 120 energy per day, so grinding really isn’t an option. Loved the game until I hit the wall. Even if I run myself out of energy every day at this point it’ll take forever to make any further progress. So 3 stars because the game is good, just too big of a wall to climb.

Visual noise. Your attacks take presidence over the enemies, so it becomes difficult to see anything. Game is designed to be snappy but menus are slow. Music. Just turn it off. Sound. A volume rocker would be nice. You take damage when waking into FROZEN enemies. That’s nice, and stupid. Game needs rethinking or tweaks. The skill system is nice, it’s not often used so that helps set it apart from other reverse bullet hells.

Decent but needs some work. Overall one of the better games in terms of paying to advance, you can watch ads for just about anything, I would appreciate a one time remove all ads though, instead of the monthly one currently offered. The gameplay itself is actually quite fun, however, once you unlock the rocket launcher, visual clarity and frame rate is gone. You have to use it because it’s too powerful not to and speccing into projectiles means your screen is covered. Also, no magnets.

Decent enough game. Crafting system is broken. You craft 3 rare (blue) items to get a common (green) item? You also hit a very severe pay wall around the 8th stage, where you have challenges and levels that are unbeatable because of your low damage output and the enemies high HP and speed. Be prepared to come out of pocket or grind forever once you reach those stages.

Very fun and addictive.the animation is so smooth. Very relaxing game. This is what I’m looking for a game.My suggestion is that I hope when you equip items the outfit also change in my Hero. Also the AFK should show that its fighting.The error I got is when i open it says backup unsuccessful so i tried to uninstall then play if my back up is working luckily it works but please fix it.Overall its a good game thanks for this.

Fun game! But be warned when you get to higher levels they turn the artificial (aka cheat the player) difficulty up to the max about 50% of each games played! The game will spawn you the most useless skills for you weapon and your skills won’t activate 1/2 the time and my favorite is they will spawn an ENTIRE MAP full of mobs that all of a sudden have 10x health… but it’s only about every other game so if you can out up with that it is a fun game and a really great time sink

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