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Code Replicant  Synopsis

After narrowly escaping a kidnapping attempt, you find yourself swept into a world of cutting-edge science and subterfuge. Your rescuers, three handsome replicants with deadly skills, have a secret that will lead you to unravel some secrets of your own. Can you discover the truth about your past and save the one you love in time?


A-15 – The Perfect Soldier

Proficient with a range of deadly firearms and equipped with a highly tactical mind, A-15 is practically a weapon himself. Rarely letting his softer side show through, he would die without hesitation to protect you… but only you can draw out the humanity hidden inside.

C-02 – The Lost Boy

Designed to fight and infiltrate, C-02 is both deadly and charming. With a sunny disposition and a playful spirit, this replicant can win over just about anyone. But beneath his cocky appearance lies a lost soul looking for family and connection. Will you be the one to cure his loneliness?

Andrew – The Spy

When you interviewed Andrew about being your teaching assistant two years ago, you never imagined he was living a double life. Now that he’s revealed his identity, can you really bring yourself to trust him again? It’s up to you to discover the truth within the lies…

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Code Replicant user reviews :

This game is lovely, I love the storyline, it’s worth staying up at night to continue interacting with these replicants! I wonder if you could lower the amount of time it takes to wait for points & tickets, for the people who don’t have the luxury of spending their currency… even if the waiting process is lowered just a little bit that would be great! I’m willing to wait for the games development because I enjoy the characters and I know it’ll be far more enjoyable in the furure!

I really loved the story BUT it’s TOO short and rushed thru. I know some ppl can be really impatient for a new story or a new season of their favorites, but not if the story is so rushed that it feels incomplete. Still, Im hoping for a season 3…the art, music and plot were all great but I literally finished both seasons in just a few hrs and that never happens with other stories from Genius Inc (that tells you just how short it was). Thats my only BIG complaint and its really disappointing.

Love the design and waiting for season 2. I have nothing to review that much because it’s too short and there’s is similar scene like “Electronic Emotions!” story and the reader must have noticed it if they had play it. Ofc there’s a plot twist and unexpected from me like David is actually evil, MC is actually half replacant and David and Andrew knew the whole plan but the replicant can’t help MC because they believe they have no emotions. Take ur time and have a good day.(bad english)

Incomplete stories get incomplete scores. I’m mad they released this when it was only partially done. I love that they’ve started doing sequels to some story’s but you can only call it a sequel when you finish the first one! Rather this is part 1 of a story, missing part 2 of 2. That’s just disappointing and frustrating.

The story was so mind wrecking, sci-fic are so rare for otome games I love this so much, the art brought out a lot for the atory it was so interesting, I hope season 2 comes out fast I’m usually patient with stories but this is different the betrayal the mc went through and just making it a cliffhanger nope, Definitely need season 2

Why am i giving only 2stars? I don’t know if this game is finished but i reached to the end of the story and appereantly got a bad ending even tho I chose one replicant (even used a lot of diamonds). Gameplay was really good, idk if this game is not finished yet, but if the ending that i got is really the end of the story then i must say that i’m trully dissapointed. If the game is not finished yet, I will change my review ofc, but for now the ending was so bad for me that i had to make it 2.

it was really good! I was having fun but it ended up when I get to the main part and it was so short and I didn’t got the chance to chose one of them. I mess my hair with my fingers in frustration… please make the season 2 as soon as possible or I will go insane…

So far so good! Mature story, MC is bright and nice, the guys are interesting and unique. Usually I don’t like SF stuff, but the balance here is pretty good. There’s also a season 2 update, thank you!!

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