Run Godzilla – Meet the legendary Godzilla in a bizarre world

[Game] Run Godzilla

Run Godzilla  This is a game where you can laugh and cry casually!

Nestled away on a planet where civilization has long since died out, there is a small village where you can raise Kaiju.
The Kaiju love to run.

About the Game:
A game brought to you by the game production created “Sumo Roll”,
winner of the Godzilla Award at the Google Play Indie Games Festival Japan 2019.

In this game, Godzilla and Kaiju don’t fight.
They just run. Here, it’s not strength that counts, it’s speed.

Meet the legendary Godzilla in a bizarre, dreamlike world.
It might feel strange at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Game Overview: This is an idle game where Godzilla and Kaiju become stronger while you’re away.
In the village, the sun goes up and down day after day.
What you must remember is that Godzilla, Kaiju, and the villagers have only a limited amount of time.
One day, they need to say goodbye.
Raise Godzilla and Kaiju well so they are ready when that time comes!
Don’t worry! You can look back on the Godzilla you’ve raised after they’re gone.
Pass on their abilities to the next generation, and raise even stronger Godzilla and Kaiju!

How to Play:
Offering prayer will make Godzilla and Kaiju stronger.
Gathering more villagers will increase the effectiveness of your prayer.
To gather villagers, you need diamonds.
Diamonds are produced by increasing the level of your factory.
If you keep increasing the level of your factory, CO2 will increases
As the CO2 increases, the length of your villagers’ stays will become shorter.
Share the apples with the villagers whose length of stay has become shorter.
You can collect apples in the village.
To collect apples, you need to reduce the CO2.
To do that, you have to win Godzilla Races.
To win Godzilla Races, you must pray to Godzilla and Kaiju.

This game features several different elements that are all interconnected.
Try to maintain a good balance while you play.
In the meantime, remember that the day will come when you must say goodbye to Godzilla and Kaiju.
You may miss them but you can always look back on the departed Godzilla.
Look back on the Godzilla you have raised and keep them in your heart.

After farewells come new beginnings; the chance to welcome the next generation.
If you raise your Kaiju well, the following generations will grow stronger.

Ups and downs. This world is a never stopping pendulum of joy and sorrow.
What kind of Godzilla and Kaiju will you encounter in this game?
Do your best to raise Godzilla that will lead future generations to victory at the Godzilla Race (G1)!

Requires Android:9 and up

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Run Godzilla user reviews :

Weird, has potential, feels like it’s in beta to be honest. Very bare bones, all monsters have the same roar, only two tracks of music that’s the biggest flaw so far. I suggest if we are to raise monsters, stats and attributes should be more apparent and lead to some cosmetic changes, larger or different styled wings, spines, etc. I think there is room for lots of change and improvements, it’s a weird game feels almost abstract, it’s cool just needs refinement

I could be better, last update was horrible First, I love this game, it is addictive. The last update caused some glitches. It will forestop while I am watching ads for the bonus and it clears out the bonus. The prizes are less now for 1st place and that is annoying. Something that is irritating: when the monster has zeroed out, you can’t collect and hearts or apples before making a new kaiju. When you make a new monster, they are gone and you have lost them. Thank you Toho!

the game is quite cool, but they used like 7 come again in the tutorial, kinda infuriating

Definitely not the game I expected, but it’s a fun & simple idle game. It reminds me of older flash games so I can appreciate the lower graphics & how it’s almost silly. I’d like to see an extra way to level up faster, when there’s a lot of followers, x10 is a bit slow. Also would like to see the kaiju interact a bit more when tapped. Gave it 4 stars as I think there could just more silly kaiju fun in the game. Wish I knew in what ways, but that’s another review for later maybe!

Eh. I liked the different take on the Godzilla characters and some of the mechanics but this game wasn’t really for me. Too vague of a tutorial and the game really wants you to know that ads exist every 30 seconds. It’s fine if you enjoy idle/cookie cutter type games and if you’re a big Godzilla fan but this wasn’t really my jam.

I love this game because it is so much fun and you can do races in it and you can get more people in it and then if you click on the Heart the Heart will go to GODZILLA and you can do Lasers in the race

For a godzilla game it’s very odd, the concept sucks and the game gets repetitive and the constant vibration is annoying and this makes me question how it’s an offical game for godzilla.This is honestly just a cash grab game and not worth downloading, hopefully the other 2 games can atleast be decent, but I really would’ve liked if they spent all this time and effort in making these games into an actual game for console and pc.

Hello toho I love this game so please make a game that allows people to create kaiju or play as classic kaiju and new ones and humanity’s actions the player should be able to make the kaiju by typing out its appearance and abilities plus a optional kaiju with forms button wich allows from 5 to infinite stages of the kaiju but also this game is solo with a feature of adding kaiju from other films cartoons and anime to the players current timeline its set in remember this please I love the films!

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