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Ant Colony SimulatorWelcome to Ants Colony Simulator, an immersive mobile game where you get to step into the fascinating world of ants and experience life as a colony leader.

In this game, you will take charge of a thriving ant colony, making crucial decisions to ensure its survival and growth.

Immerse yourself in the intricate workings of the anthill as you guide your ants through various challenges and tasks.

Explore a vast world filled with diverse environments, from lush meadows to treacherous forests, as you search for resources and build your empire.

Manage your colony’s population by assigning roles to different types of ants such as workers, soldiers, and foragers.

Strategically allocate resources, construct intricate tunnels, and create a harmonious balance within your colony.
Engage in thrilling battles with rival ant colonies to expand your territory and protect your valuable resources.
Encounter a wide array of wildlife and encounter challenging scenarios that will test your leadership skills. Navigate through unpredictable weather conditions, fend off natural disasters, and overcome adversity to ensure the survival and prosperity of your ant colony.

Unlock upgrades and new abilities as you progress, enhancing the efficiency of your ants and enabling them to accomplish extraordinary feats.

Are you ready to embark on this enthralling journey into the miniature world of ants? Prepare to face the challenges, make critical decisions, and witness the incredible growth of your ants as they conquer the world, one tiny step at a time. Play now and experience the captivating world of Ants Colony Simulator!

Ant Colony Simulator user reviews :

Terribly slow progression ontop of the inability to successfully attack other players or ai. Not only do they always seemingly overpowered forces but you are constantly getting raided every 10 mins halting progression further. Wouldn’t recommend

  • Hi Gh057 ayame! We are very sorry that you have a negative impression of our game! Thank you for your feedback, we will take your comments into account in future development!

Uhh developer PLS fix the bug where my recent tasks doesn’t finish at all the one with Research ants damage 2 thing, if you don’t I’ll delete this game anyone who wants to try it don’t because your gonna waste your storage and time…..If you fix this I might reconsider

  • Hi Johnronald! We are sorry that you faced this issue. Please email help[at] with your problem. Specify the subject of the message “I need help!” and we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible!

Nest chambers are too square, no distinctive ant species, gameplay is slow and boring. And entirely unrealistic when it comes to how ants work. Seems like a cheap copy of ants underground kingdom. Not worth the download unless you’re into paying so upgrades go faster. I can tell this is one of those games where the upgrades get ridiculously expensive and take forever. If i wanted to play a P2W ant colony game, id play the afore mentioned game.

  • Hi Nyra! We are very sorry that you didn’t like our game. We will take your comments into account in the further development of the game. Thanks for the feedback!

No save data. Won’t save any progress don’t play it. Until he fixes it.

  • Hi Google Play user! Unfortunately, there is no progress saving in our game at the moment. Our team will consider this proposal in further development. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for the feedback!

5 Stars until I find some bugs (I download games and see if they are buggy)

Quite fantastic. Decent graphics. The progression is good. Fun game.

Good game it reminds me of pocket ants and ants underground kingdom. I hope it gets more updates

It will not let me gather I don’t know if its a bug or a fault in the game but it doesn’t explain how to Iver

  • Hi Jay! We are sorry that you faced this issue. Please email with your problem. Specify the subject of the message “I need help!” and we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible!

This is a great game! You should add more features to the game so it will be more better.

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