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[Game] Fairy Evolution – Magic Idle

Fairy EvolutionOnce, true magic was commonplace in the world. Then the fairies vanished, and all of a sudden we were left only with lame rabbit-coming-out-of-hats tricks.

Now you can change that! Combine the secret, last remaining fairies to create new and much more magical creatures that are guaranteed to make those toy magic wands start spitting sparkling spells again!

Beware around broomsticks, though.


Pantheon: a new place for supreme beings to look down on us mortals and laugh at our misery
Impostors: watch out for impostors trying to steal the spotlight from the fairies.


Drag and drop similar fairies to create new mysterious creatures
Use fairy eggs to earn coins, buy new creatures and make even more money
Alternatively, fiercely tap a fairy to make coins pop from their eggs


Different stages and many fairy species to discover
A mind-blowing story with fantastical twists!
The unexpected mix of creature evolution dynamics and incremental clicker games
Doodle-like illustrations
Open ended gameplay: enjoy the freedom!
No fairies were harmed in the making of this game, only developers

This game ain’t fair. It’s fairy.

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Fairy Evolution user reviews :

Love the improvements from the last time I played a merge game from them! The new color system gives you more options and i feel I’m progressing quite fast. It’s a wonderful time killer with ads being worth it + arguably a one time purchase 7$ usd for no ads with all the benefits is worth it. Overall Tapps never disappoints with their style, convenient layout, or features so this is an obvious banger. <3 (I also adore they serve the nostalgia feel for me, I grew up on these games)

It seems like a really cute and relaxing clicker game. But some of the adds that show up are for violent games and most people (including me) who get this game are probably looking for a relaxing, calming, stress reliever. But everytime a add shows up I get stressed and turn the screen away, it would be fine in most other games but for a game that’s supposed to help me forget about that stuff this ain’t it.

It’s very cute. I love the fairies! Probably my favorite of the Tapps characters so far. I’m not excited about ads popping up every time I leave an info box,it’s disruptive. I do appreciate being able to watch ads for rewards though! This is my second Tapps game and I just started,so we’ll see how it goes!

I really like the game, but it’s very laggy and glitches lots. For example sometimes the backgrounds of the worlds are black, with the same happening to the fairies. And other times you can’t even see the map because of the same reason! (It also takes a bit of time to load but it’s not that bad.) So please try and fix the game.

I mean… it’s kinda funny that you guys made like 50 different versions of this game, but I guess that means you guys perfected it, cuz it’s pretty damn gud, this game is a keeper. Good graphics overall, good gameplay, and I can’t find any issues with it.

Glitch Report. I loveeee the game but it started to glitch out. First the alien wouldn’t take the fairy, so I went to the alien world then back to the normal world and he took it but there was no fairy spinning. And then, the growth ( the pink ) berry didn’t work! Right as it was about to grow I went to the world it would go in when it grows and it wasn’t there and the fairy that was growing stayed the same. I hope this made sense.

I love the game. You just find out the next one and that is cool so I say that this game should make billions and millions. I’m a kid soooooooo I like your games I play the other game too. I will rather eat then just sit and see the next one. Some times it gets boring….. so please don’t worry I like the game. It keeps me on my phone a lot. Like three or two hours. And that is how much I like your game.

I think that this game is really cool is just that it has way too many ads.Other than that this game is cool because you get to color the fairies and I think it’s really cool that there is different fairies when you evolution tgem.

absolutely THE best evolution game. I love the story it tells on the planet and Mars. the titans are extraordinary as well, and makes it worth playing all the way through!

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