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Color NotesTidy Notes, the best note-taking app designed to make your life easier.

Whether you need to write school notes, quick reminders, or organize your daily to-do lists, Tidy Notes will be the best choice.

Tidy Notes – Color Notes, Notepad, Free Note Taking app is a good note app that enables you to make colorful notes. With this Good notes writer, you can customize notebooks with different themes, colors and fontsize. Choose your favorite theme from this free note taking app, and make your notes more colorful and beautiful!

Let’s explore what makes Tidy Notes the perfect note-taking app:

Key features:
Free note pad and notebook app for note taking users, easy and intuitive
Create Picture Notes and voice notes
Sticky Notes widget, View your note from Home screen
Rich Text Editor, Customize font style color and size
Make beautiful notes with different backgrounds and themes
Oraganize notes by categories and tags
Make a to-do list and reminders easily
Draw in this note taking apps with various backgrounds and colors
Image notes, voice memos
Add notes to Calendar note to manage your notebook organized
Backup and sync notes via Cloud
Lock notes writer and keep notes safe and private
Share note as image and pdf
Display notes in list/grid/compact mode

Free Notebook App:
Tidy Notes – Color Notes, Notepad, Free Note Taking app is a good notes app for every note taker. Note it, make a check list or widget with this easy notepadfree.

School Notes Made Easy:
Stay with Tidy Notes. Take school notes, voice notes, photo notes and capture information easily. The goodnotes app’s interface ensures good note-taking experience.

Quick Notes Anytime:
Simply open the notes free app and start typing in the note pad. Tidy Notes ensures that your ideas are never lost.

Easy Notepad and Notebook:
Tidy Notes acts as a good notes writer and your virtual notepad free and notebook free, providing a space to organize your thoughts. Display notes by list or grid in this notebook free app. Create multiple notebook free for different subjects, keeping everything organized.

Colorful and Customizable:
Tidy Notes – Notepad Free, Notes Writers, Notebook, Notes App is a good note pad app that supports color notes and memos. Choose from various backgrounds to personalize your notebooks. Make your notepad and note-taking app more colorful!

Sticky Notes Widget:
The sticky notes widget helps your write quick notes and view them on homescreen. Add note widget with colorful widget themes. Customize the sticky notes widget to make your life more efficient.

Categorize Notes and Memo:
This free note pad, note-taking notebook app helps you categorize notes into different tags and folders. This note taking app and notebook free is easy to take school notes, book notes, text note, memo, and sticky notes.

Note Reminders:
With the free memo note pad app, you can set reminders for your notes or tasks, and Tidy Notes will notify you at the specified time. Stay organized with this free notetaking and notebook app.

Handwritten Notes and Voice Recording:
Capture your ideas with this good note app. Additionally, the free note taking app allows you to attach voice recordings to your notes writer.

Easy Sticky Notes Widget:
Access your notes and memos quickly from the home screen using the Tidy Notes widget, making you never miss anything important.

Sync and Backup Notes
Syncing note with Google cloud is supported in this amazing notes writer support. Your aesthetic notes and memos are safe.

Note Reminder and Daily Notes:
With the free memo note pad app, set reminders for your notes and memos to ensure you stay on top of your schedule. Make your life organized with this free note pad and notebook app.

To sum up, Tidy Notes is a powerful note-taking app. Experience the joy of organized note-taking with Tidy Notes and make every day more productive. Download now and unlock the full potential of your ideas.

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Color Notes user reviews :

Best note app I have ever encountered. I had this app for months now and it still does it job for free. And the option to watch an ad to unlock something that’s only available in premium instead of actually paying for it? Love it! The font options are really great, and so is the background. The way it’s so organized and detailed too is so mesmerizing, if I had the money to support this developer, I would’ve donated and bought premium already.

  • Hi,we’re happy to hear you like the app. We will make the app better. Thanks for your support!

That’s an awesome app. I absolutely love it but it has some disadvantage too. Like sometimes when i copy paste something the letters turns white, if i want to change my letters to italic or any other font i have to click four to five times before it applies. If i want to colour code any paragraph, they ended up colouring the entire note. Otherwise the app is really nice and i like it a lot.

  • Sorry hear that. We will analyze and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

What I like : can put custom image of the notes theme. That’s really cool. Also can use different interesting fonts. Can export notes as txt. What I dislike : The search function is literally unusable. I type in one letter and my keyboard suddenly disappear. So I’ll have to go through the files/notes myself. Plz fix this.

  • Sorry for inconvinience, we have fixed this bug, please update to V2.0.2

I love this app so much, it’s gives me joy when I’m writing things down in it. And the fantastic things is that I can backup my write up with my google account and recovered it at anytime both pictures and videos. That’s why I rates it 5stars, tidy note is the number one for you. Please the team or the owner add some function like fingerprint is important!

  • Hi,we’re happy to hear you like the app. We will make the app better. Thanks for your support!

This app is great! You get to choose your wallpaper and writing style.But I had one problem, I wrote 2 notes and it showed they saved, but one of them didn’t. I cannot remember what it was about now but is was important

It’s very nice kinda easy to use , and the fact that it’s free it’s amazing , it’s my favorite I recommend everyone to use it , it’s the note of my dreams , but I can only change the title font I can’t change the font of a specific word or sentence in the text that’s the only thing that I didn’t like but the whole app is fantastic

  • Sorry hear that. We will analyze and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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