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[App] FLIP – Focus Timer for Study

FLIPBest study time management app recognized by 1 million users

FLIP can improve your study habits in a short period!

If you can’t pay attention to your study, read, or work, use FLIP!
Manage your daily repetitive work & study time and habits with FLIP!

Focus level measure timer, FLIP!

Global Study Group
You can meet study mates from all over the world!
Make friends and achieve your dream goal together!

Global board; The FLIP TALK!
Talk with friends around the word;
You can share your stories, encourage each other, and study together!

Accurate Time Measurement
You can measure your study time accurately by flipping your phone over.

Focus Level Measurement
Check your focus level!
FLIP helps you increase your concentration by measuring your focus level.

Mini-window Feature
Measure your study time with mini-window feature while using dictionary or watching video lecture.

Check your weekly and monthly study time as well as today’s.

The timeline shows you the goals you’ve measured today in chronological order.

Use the Timetable to automatically summarize today’s measured goals!
You can see all of today’s measured goals at a glance.

Daily Report
FLIP shows you the details of your daily study.

D-day (New feature)
Set your D-Day!
You can see easily how many days are left before your due date.

Easy sharing of SNS
Organize your study time in dail, weekly, or monthly, and share on Facebook, Instagram and others with just one button!

Real-time study : LIVE!
How many people are studying now? Check out Live from measuring screen!
You can see who’s studying in real time!

School Ranking
Register school in your profile, and check out the ranking of your school!

Study Schedule
Register your school timetable or your own study routine!

To-do List
What do I need to do today? Ultimate task management to make it easy to manage your daily study, work, or homework!

FLIP uses pomodoro techniques, and determine the focus level according to the number of breaks compared to the focus duration.

Use FLIP to make smart phone even more useful.
FLIP is more effective when used in conjunction with UBhind.

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FLIP user reviews :

Not working properly. Everytime after few minutes timer stops automatically. Even though I have manually removed all battery optimisations, enabled autorestart & allowed draw over other apps. When the screen automatically locks itself the app runs for a while and stops after 20-30mins. Can’t keep checking my phone multiple times to turn it on. It’s disturbing my study & ruining the very thing it was made for.

  • This issue is a symptom that varies depending on the mobile OS and device model. It occurs due to the phone’s battery optimization, which automatically terminates apps running in the background to optimize battery usage. As of now, we regret to inform you that we are unable to provide a solution for this problem. We appreciate your understanding.

There’s a bug* Where screen goes black (all dim) when it is running in floting timer. automatically glitches and goes to landscape mode. Don’t know why. Please fix this. Other features are more than awesome. I love this app a lot, it increased my daily study duration. And I would recommend it to every student.

  • Thank you for the report. To help us identify the issue please send the following to [FLIP > More(⋯) > Help(❔) > Contact us]. 1) Quick measuring vs Goal measuring 2) Auto mode vs Manual mode 3) Device name, System version (ex: Android 12 or iOS 16) 4) What is the “floting timer” you mentioned?

The best app to be productive. Even there are more features for non premium users. We can study with the group that is related like neet, jee,… Able to study with friends and others across the globe. Even there is no bug . We can lock apps that are distracting , daily motivational quotes, having widgets, make goals daily, make important day,….. These features are at free of cost Thank you to the team Flip for an amazing app

  • Thank you! :D We hope that you will achieve your goal with ‘FLIP’!

it’s good, but it keeps stopping the time measurement whenever i make a call, although i have all the apps related to “phone” on “available during measurement” setting. it keeps lowering my focus level cz it restarts the timer whenever i make a call

  • The current system is designed to pause the measurement when a call is received, and it does not support automatically resuming the measurement after ending the call.

I really liked this app. I found people like me, and it also helped me in improving my studies. If app working become even more smoother it will be great. When we remove the app and reinstall in it doesn’t retain the stats, that needs to improve.

  • The mentioned feature is a premium feature. When you purchase the premium features, your existing data will be saved. Thank you.

This app is amazing… It let’s me concentrate more with studies and studying along with other people makes it interesting… But I think there’s a bug. My time isn’t shown among the live and sometimes I would have studied for 6hrs and the time shown in the live is only 1hr

  • Hi, have you ever manually added study records?

I’ve been using this app for about 3 years now and this is definitely one of the best study apps out there. I remember thinking it was complicated initially but watching a simple tutorial on YouTube solved the problem. The reward system, the interface , this app really is the best . I love how the community keeps me motivated . Love how I can set goals, revisit my achievements, improve on how I set about on studying . I have no complaints. Excellent work creators!!

  • Thank you! :D Hope today will be a rewarding day for yourself.

I have a problem. I can not see LIVE while I am studying. I have to stop timer and come to the home page to see LIVE. Is that just me or the app features are changed? Anyway I like this app very much. Thanks to the developers

  • Hello, could you please send us a video or screenshot to [support[at]rinasoft.co.kr] so that we can better understand the situation you’re facing? Thank you.

Very useful . Really helped in increasing my focus and ofcourse productivity. The best thing , I have not faced any issue with the app and I like it very much.

  • Thank you! :D We support your hard work/study!

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