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[Game] Color Switch

Color Switch   Color Switch was the fastest mobile game in history to reach 50 million downloads and is loved by players in over 150 countries.

With this new version of Color Switch we’re bringing you even more challenges, mini games, and very exciting new features not seen before.

How to Play
Tap, Tap, Tap to get the ball past each obstacle.
Follow the color pattern to cross each obstacle.
Timing and Patience are the keys to victory.
Earn stars to unlock new balls.
Beat Every Challenge and get a High Score in Endless
New Modes and Levels added with each update

Please send all feedback to support[at] We’d love to hear from you!

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Color Switch user reviews :

I’ll give this app a four star. First of all, I LOVE this game. It has so many of various levels that you can play! And it’s great too. The only complaint that I have is, that there are SO many ADS. And the ads pop up when you die approximately five times or something. Oh, by the way, there is a banner AD at the bottom of the SCREEN. I think it is distracting. Overall, I like this app.
  • Color Switch Phoenix LLC
  • Hey there – Sorry to hear you’re not having a good experience with our ads. We’re always working on ways to improve our free user ad experience, so we appreciate the feedback! If you’d like to experience Color Switch ad-free, feel free to take advantage of the in-app purchases. Hope this helps!
I love this game and all of the modes it has. It’s a fun time waster and just overall enjoyable. The only problem with it is the ads that pop up as your playing a level. I don’t mind them anywhere else, but if you could make sure they don’t pop up during gameplay, I’ll give an easy 5 stars. Thanks!
  • Color Switch Phoenix LLC
  • Hi Joshua – We hear you. Ads can be super annoying sometimes! We are constantly working on our free user ad experience, so we really appreciate your feedback. As a reminder, we do offer in-app purchases that will take care of those ads for you. Let us know if we can help you with anything else!
This game is very entertaining and fun, and I do enjoy the new levels, but I’ve noticed that there is a bug and classic level 100 where one of the circles is misaligned, create an obstacle that’s much harder or sometimes even impossible to get through. I hope you fix this bug.
  • Color Switch Phoenix LLC
  • Thanks for the detailed review, Matthew! We’ll look into this. Please feel free to reach us anytime at support[at] Happy Gaming!
Three stars because there’s no way to save your progress. I’ve progressed so far twice and lost progress after a change of phones. Some glitches here and there but otherwise pretty good.
  • Color Switch Phoenix LLC
  • Hi there – Are you logged into the google play store? Your progress should automatically be saving there if you’re logged in on all fo the devices you play on. If you’re still having trouble, reach out to our team at support[at]!
Okay so I don’t know what has happened to the game after update. There are no more colour restrictions during the game so like my red ball can pass through blue or green or any colour without failing the level. Also no stars or boosts are being generated in the galaxy mode which by the way is my favourite mode. Really, never knew a game could update in the opposite direction after updating or if it is just a glitch from the maker’s side then they better fix it ASAP :-/
  • Color Switch Phoenix LLC
  • Thanks for the detailed review, Aastha! We’ll look into this. Please feel free to reach us anytime at support[at] Happy Gaming!

I’ve had this game on my phone longer than I can remember and it is one of the most exciting, calming, frustrating mobile game I’ve ever played and I absolutely love it. This game has helped me so many times to cure my boredom whether its waiting for my doctors appointment or just wanting to pass the time, this is the game I would play. I’m extremely proud of the developers to make such an astounding game and hope it can continue to grow.

Update:It appears since last time the devs have figured out the cloud saving and lag problem and have fixed it. Now it almost doesn’t lag at all and I can ACTUALLY SAVE my progress properly. So now it’s just as fun to play as before Good job on the devs part. However now the game seems to run very slowly on some levels. It’s not as off-putting for playing as it was before with the save and the cloud save thing but you can almost instantly notice a change in preformancene for some modes.
  • Color Switch Phoenix LLC
  • TYVM. Like all software there are bugs that creep in. Think of it as throwing a stone in a pond and watching the ripple affect. One change in the program to a mode or level does the same thing. We do our best in testing to identify and fix but rely on our community for any additional bugs that got past us. We are working on the lag with each update

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