Helix Crush – See the surprises and wonders every level holds for you

[Game] Helix Crush

Helix Crush  Helix Crush combines one-finger control gameplay with a carefully selected soundtrack to create an experience you have ever been through before. Featuring different stages of increasing difficulty to unlock new skins. The key is to not let your color ball drops on obstacles and traps.

Come on! Test your reflexes! See the surprises and wonders every level holds for you.

Game rules:
Swipe the screen to jump ball and fall through helix tower, cut them colorful fruit and cake slices on the road you drop! Keep calm and go as far as possible in this ball game!

Game features:
1. Multiple levels of increasing difficulty
2. Very simple gameplay with only one finger swipe
3. Numerous ball skins and fruits to cut through.

How to be a Helix master:
1. Dropping the ball to the deepest as you can through helix lighting tower
2. Utilizing your incredible reflexes, bounce your ball from different fruit and cake slices
3. Pass through more slices to get powerups.

Helix Crush user reviews :

The game is great I love playing it but it lags a lot too many ads, the games are way easier than helix jump I think if you made the games last a bit longer it would improve that status of people playing, I have noticed that every time you die you have a second chance if there wasn’t a second chance on each level I believe it would make the game more fun and have more people playing the game, I do like the game and play it daily but it’s way too easy I’m on level 476 after 3 days after downloading it would have taken me a month on helix jump just too do that.

I rate this game three stars bk 1. When u click second chance, it doesn’t give u one, plus it makes u watch ads bk u think ur going to get a second chance. 2. Its a really good game but it just needs better graphics and more levels. like instead of fruits and veggies there could be junk food like cheeseburgers or something like that. just to make it better and more fun.

It’s a good game and I love the graphics, but there are too many ads. I don’t want to pay that money just for no ads. Plus they are like, 2.5 minutes long. And you get them every time you loose, even if you don’t carry on. Another thing is that it is very glitchy. I love the music and the levels are hard enough, not too hard, but not too easy. So i do recommended it, but just remember that the ads can be too long. I would give it a go.

So, overall, this game is good. However, I gave this review 4 stars, because when I want to unlock a random skin for an ad, it shows me a loading screen and goes back to the screen where you play the game. However, when I pass a level, an ad pops up, which it couldn’t when I tried to unlock a skin. I checked my internet and it’s fine. Is there any way to fix it?

Just like the original helix jump but it is much more colorful! I like all of the different things that you can unlock (trails,ect). All the levels proceedingly get harder and harder as you progress in the game. Over all this game is much easier than the original helix jump and it is waaaaay better. The background music is calming and I feel it is to make sure that you wouldn’t get stressed out playing this game. 5 star!!!! edit: the only thing I think should be decreased is the ads.

Relatively good game. Its really good quality, doesnt lag much. Not as many ads as Helix Jump and others. Although it is a copy of Helix Jump and others, it’s a lot better of a game! Quite a few ads, but it has music with it and overall its a good game. Giving this three stars due to ads and copying. But good job!

This is a great app! You get to pick your own music (from their options) too! There is adds, yes, but you can always just put flight mode on, although there aren’t a lot of adds anyways so it wouldn’t be a problem. There’s only adds when you die though. Overall, great app!

Really fun game but there are a few things I would like to tell, First, its really annoying because everytime I get off my phone for a couple of minutes or hours it reminds me about it, second, a little laggy but it’s okay, third, I wanted to see if you would like to add different song albums like you can add your own music and put it on to hear it

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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