Combat Magic – Prove your wisdom and courage

[Game] Combat Magic – Spells & Swords

Combat MagicWise magicians, mighty warriors and clever rogues of the kingdom! Take part in a grand tournament! Prove your wisdom and courage, and fight for the title of Champion!

This is a 3d third person shooter – slasher game with RPG elements and diverse and complex combat system. With a wide range of customization options you can create the perfect character for your playstyle. Choose from variety of classes, each with 10+ unique abilities. There are hundreds of weapons and armor pieces available. Plenty of melee and ranged weapons are waiting for you in the armory, such as axes, swords, bows, and a lot more. Customize the look of your character – choose colors, hairstyles and more.

Play online or offline with bots on different maps. You can choose from several PVE and PVP game modes.

Prove that you are the best!

Combat Magic user reviews :

I like range the most, what I find infuriating is the auto aim. It would be nice if it only works against visible enemies as I sometimes end up hitting the wall wasting my abilities. Having an aim setting on each ability slot might be a good idea. Also most of my deaths were caused by me, I don’t know if it’s a feature but I hate it when my teammates blocks my abilities resulting bombing myself. It would make life easier if they just go through, it’s cool otherwise. Enjoying the game until now.

It is amazing. There’s control, outfit, and fighting customizability available for anyone who plays this game. You can make your own custom control set (there’s even a version for left-handed individuals), you can choose the color and style of your outfit since there are multiple parts of an outfit unlocked every level with equal stats, and there are at least 15 classes that all have unique abilities, and most of them also come with unique weapons. Plus, there isn’t any class gender locking.

Really like it so far!! Targeting is a little wonky, as I have to be looking right at someone to hit them with a melee attack, but other than that, a solid game. A tutorial would be nice too. Not sure everyone else’s experiences, but I was thrown into the game with a lvl 1 warrior and no explanation on anything.

Can definitely use more work, and by that I mostly mean just more stuff, a bit smoother gameplay. Other than that it’s really fun with a ton of diversity, and at the same time simple enough to get the hang of everything quickly. Should definitely be on your phone

I love this game doesn’t force you to spend money to be the top. I think adding customes for money instead would be great idea. I love how there no ads messing with my game play. Been looking for great medieval game and I by fair live this one. It is actually fun to level the character to unlock equipping new items and that there actually drops in game to where to don’t have to use gold to purchase. I would 10/10 recommend. One of best mobile games I have yet to play.

A really great game. The game modes are fun and challenging. You can work together with other players as a team or PvP. Very simple and yet entertaining games, perfect for quick sessions throughout the day. Needs fixed: most recent update took away the Prayer For Healing ability for the Crusader. Power activates, but no healing occurs. Not sure if it is affected with other characters or not.

I like the game but the controls are abit slow, pay out is low, but having to spend almost 3 dollars to get a small amount of coins that will be waisted on equipment. The NPCs on single player are way to strong even at a low level, maybe add more equipment for lower levels to. The choice of the type of game level you want is basically all the same but theres no way to actually win them because spawning is way to quick and way to much all at once so you can’t win anything nor win any coins.

4 stars it is…The game is challenging,fun and exciting..I’ve been playing this game for hours but levelling up your character takes time..There are many roles for ur character and it increases my curiosity,making me want to try out those roles..The AI is a little bit unfair and the health,stamina,and the mana (a power for the mage,etc.) drains very quickly & that’s a little bit of a problem..The graphics are a little good..The music is also good..4 star it is.

This amazing game is a medieval fighting game, where you play as a almost all of the amazing fabled heros and fight other fabled heros with their weapons! It’s an completely perfect game with simple mechanics like Rolling, jumping and dodging with all tons of skills you can add to your character! (Not to mention! Not only is it free! It has no ads!)

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