LabBuster – The fate of this world is now in your hands

[Game] LabBuster

LabBuster  An immense danger is near – the monsters have escaped the lab.

The fate of this world is now in your hands.
Gear up, grab a weapon, and fight the creatures creeping inside the doomed lab.
Crawl and experience challenging dungeon-like stages. Try and see how far you can make!

Key Features:

LabBuster is a casual shoot’em up, bullet hell & roguelike action. How many bullets can you dodge?
Meet the cute but unforgiving monsters! Your mission is to leave no monster alive.
Create your own combination of unique modules to survive the laboratory.
Choose between 8 unique weapons – from laser-gun to bubble-gun
Level-up and gear-up with powerful equipment to increase your stats

Note: LabBuster is free to play, but some game items can be in-app purchased at your own will.
If you don’t want to make an in-app purchase AT ALL, please block in-app purchases in advance, in your device settings, to avoid any mistake in the future.

Note: Your save data will be lost if you delete the game without connecting your account.

Access Authorizations in LabBuster

We need your permissions on the saved pictures, media and files in order to provide the customer support service.

How to Disable Access for Permissions

Android 6.0 or Above
Device Settings > Applications > Select the App > Permissions

Lower than Android 6.0
Cannot revoke permissions. Delete the App and reinstall.

Phrases used in [ ] may differ based on the device and OS version

The App without required access may result in failure to enter the game or cause resource failure.

LabBuster user reviews :

Charming art-style, good controls and QoL in the form of detailed info and rarities on ‘modules’. Unfortunately, this game has a terrible monetization tactic: Its ads. Watch one to re-roll power-ups, to get bonus rewards, etc. Even if you are willing to pay, the cash shop does not sell ad removal (which other games akin to this do). Uninstalled after being forced to watch ads at certain spots. Giving me the choice is OK for the most part, but force ads are the mark of trash shovelware games.

Game is fun, and quite different from other of the genre due to rolling, weapons easier to max out. However, the armour and other accessories need some updates, as all of the equipment of the same type are the same, except for max level being based on rarity. Furthermore, the difficulty scales so fast in the later part that it’s unlikely to complete the game without paying or substantial farming.

In a nutshell – awful! Better option would be a double tap for roll. Too many obstacles for enemies to hide behind. Some stages have way too many projectile enemies. At times you keep moving, once you’ve removed your finger from the screen, sometimes you don’t move. Pickups take you to another screen on the middle of a firefight, only to be hit by projectiles you were moving away from. Messages appear at the top of the screen in the middle of a firefight you can’t read. Filled with ads.

Oh man … This game is a pure Adfest. the most aggressive Ad implementation I’ve ever seen. Rigged mechanics that give u negative effects and guess what ?! Watch anad to “enhance the effect”. Controls freeze mid game why ?! Coz its loading a damn ad banner on the bottom of the screen. They should add an option the vote for an app to get deleted from the store. And guess what ?! Ads betweens rooms.

Great game! Cool graphics and tight controls. Just a request, can you add the option to play in landscape mode, I sometimes prefer to play in landscape mode.

It’s fast paced and keeps you dialed in. It has a nice variety of equipment, classic gameplay and It’s very addicting. A sold game.

the shooter like this is common, but this game build different. try it. this game is good. please add payment to remove ads between stages. the ads its good tho not too frequent. but still pls add payment to remove ads between stages, and keep the optional to watch ads to get extra benefit. good job.

Overall is ok. But there are bugs quite often. It black out or white out suddenly, I have no choice but to close tye game and reopen it, the stage cleared I had to beat it again. And also the price of gems is way too expensive.

Fun and interesting gameplay,love the artstyle,overall great game.Playing it now for several months and have beaten the game,but I’m still having a lot fun farming for equipment and upgrading it.
  • LoadComplete
  • Hello, this is LoadComplete. We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused. We’ve just released a hotfix update which should fix the data corruption issue. Please reinstall or update the game.

I love the fact that i can watch ads to give me more skill options. I dont mind watching ads to get an advantage. I love the weapon choices, the upgrades avaible

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The game has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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