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[Game] Conspiracies of the Heart

Conspiracies of the Heart


You’re a tough-talking, quick-witted community officer committed to protecting others, but what happens when the roles get reversed? After a bizarre chain of events kicks off leading to your parents’ disappearance, three enigmatic men waltz into your life, eager to avenge you. As you stumble across strange conspiracies and salvage phantom memories, it’s clear those closest to you have a past they’re unwilling to reveal. At the end of the day, who can your heart really trust?


Akira Murase – The Sleuth
Hard-boiled, stoic, yet honest, Akira is an old-school detective living by a strict code of goodwill while pounding the streets. As Akira searches for answers about the disappearance of your parents, he’s confronted with complexities, leading to unanswered questions about his beloved former partner’s untimely demise. Can you help Akira decipher the past, and reach for the truth?

Li Kouran – The Troublemaker
Lawless, rich, and wild playboy Li shows up on your doorstep injured out of the blue. Wounded and alone, the out-of-towner owes you for saving his life. Despite his turbulent past, Li is surprisingly kind and holds family and tradition very dear to his heart. Will you carve out a new destiny together?

Hikaru Tsukishima – The Confidant
Considerate, loyal, and coolheaded, Hikaru manages the cozy coffee shop across the street from your apartment. When you find yourself fighting for survival, Hikaru is there to back you up. Perhaps his concern about your safety stems from you being a regular, or perhaps it’s something more… Will his comforting presence be enough to sustain you in your hour of need?

Conspiracies of the Heart user reviews :

One of the best games the company released. It’s a mystery-action ish plot that reminded me a little of Stranger Things. I didn’t like how all of the plot twists were revealed so quickly all at once but I’m guessing there wasn’t enough budget to stretch things out. In general the last parts are very fast paced which does feel a little disappointing. The character design is great.

I’m a fan of your games and I would love to thank you for another game. I like that you now added to mute the minigame sound/music. I kinda don’t like the new animation for the casino machine because when i look at it I get dizzy and the way that the options for “ok” and “cancel” are now switched but I think that I’ll get used to it overtime. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK!

I like the plot and the characters in this game. However, the premium choices are far too expensive for me since one purchase for the premium choices could only be used ONCE. You have to spend and buy more if you want to make the best choices. It’s just NOT worth it. At that point, I couldn’t progress with any specific characters. Plus, the tickets and coins took 2 & 5 hours to load, you had to wait for such a long time to proceed the game. I hate that so much.

I LOVE THIS GAME!! I love the stories and all the characters have my heart. I enjoyed the storyline very much! But, I do have two complaints… one the tickets they take soooo long just to regenerate. And second the premium options there are too many of them and it’s hard to do them all but overall amazing game and I look forward to seeing more!

I really liked this story! And the characters. The twists were all pretty cool, and it was pretty interesting throughout. This one had a little less focus on romance and a little more focus on the story, but the characters were still well written and felt pretty realistic. Something about the new casino animation hurts to look at, but other than that, this is a great game all around!

I honestly adore this game. Not just because of the interesting storyline, but also because of the output and layout of the game. I noticed that you all started to clean up the log section of the game and as well as the minigame area, and I honestly appreciate it. But please make a part 2 or season 2 of different games that you haven’t finished before making a new one. I honestly don’t know if it’s just me but I’m still waiting for so many part 2’s to different games. I hope you guys read this

More plot-based than romance. Fitting music, great art and well written MC with realistic reactions as story progresses. Story is vague enough to leave room for interesting interpretation. I appreciate the technical tweaks to easily access the main menu & mute minigame, and non-binary representation. Most premium scenes occur in front of others (which made me a lil uncomfy), but still sweet and cute. And the endings! Satisfying closure. MC is a beautiful tragedy, in a way. Great work.

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