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[Game] Miffy World

Miffy World

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Based on the Dick Bruna inspired Nick Jr. hit series. Join Miffy as she plays and learns about her world in this gentle and beautiful 3D interactive app from StoryToys.

Guide Miffy through her daily tasks. Help her choose which clothes to dress in, explore, create and play. Make art and read books with her friends and family. Other activities include:

Start the day with a bath and brush Miffy’s teeth
Exploring the outside world. Have fun in the family garden
Play with Snuffy the adorable dog or feed her pet fish
Play with her toys. Scoot around the house, fly her kite around the garden or with with blocks in the living room
Help Miffy as she grows her very own fruit and vegetables, then bake a yummy cake
When Miffy gets sleepy, just tuck her into bed
Fly through the clouds and collect stars in her dreams

Every day brings surprises and new things to discover. The more you play with Miffy the more fun activities you unlock. Miffy’s World is full gentle learning as it stimulates curiosity and creativity through fun educational activities. Learn by doing, as you help Miffy takes care of her daily routine, cooks delicious cakes and looks after her pets.


Miffy’s World benefits children’s abilities in multiple ways:

1) Health Knowledge and Practice:
Tucking Miffy into bed shows children how vital sleep is for wellbeing
Children practice daily tasks such as brushing teeth and dressing independently from adults

2) Approaches to Learning:
Helping Miffy complete daily tasks encourages initiative
Growing fruit and vegetables and baking a cake with Miffy develops attentiveness and curiosity

3) Logic and Reasoning:
Engaging children in simple pretend play with familiar tasks; for example, tucking Miffy into bed

4) Physical Development:
As children digitally learn with Miffy’s World they also develop fine motor skills

5) Creative Arts Expression:
Color and Paint with Miffy. Encourage creativity and imagination

Miffy World user reviews :

My 3 year old enjoys it. I feel like there could still be more play options after I paid for it, but oh well! My only real complaint is the controls seem a little clunky. Maybe if there were a control setting you could choose? Like a swipe or button method? You have to click on a wall in the direction you want to go and sometimes have to be standing in a certain spot to select an option. My daughter only really gets annoyed with the movement controls and watering can control for the garden.

The game is really nice and engaging, it certainly appeals well for it’s target audience. My 2 year old loves it, and she’s always figuring out new activities in the game to entertain herself, and learning more about routine in the process. To me, the biggest downside of it is that it can’t be added to the Family Library; so if we unlocked the paid game we’d have to do it for each device’s account, which feels like a bit too much.

My 3 year old son enjoys this game however I am very dissapointed with the cost. $8.99 NZD is quite expensive for a child’s game and I don’t think there are enough activities to justify that price. I would love to see more wearable items of clothing such as boots. Different meals to cook. More mini games and and interactive items in the environment. The controls are also unintuitive. My son keeps trying to move Miffy by dragging her in the direction.

  • We thank you for your feedback! Please be rest assured we will pass this to our team. If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know at support[at]storytoys.com.

This game is perfect for children. I never purchased the extras as I was just trying it out and do not have a child of my own but if I did I would. I have a passion for children’s educational games and edutainment in general and this is one of the few apps that remind me of the good old point and click games of my childhood similar to the humongous entertainment blues clues games. simple but fun with lots of different activities. Definitely recommend.

My daughter loves the game. Thank you very much for fixing it since I reset my phone and my purchases were lost or unable to load. My daughter wish there were more add-ons like visiting other characters like her friends and her extended family and go to school. Then do something with them.

  • We are glad your issue is resolved! And thank you for your great feedback.

Wonderful point-and-click game for a 3 year old Nijntje-fan, adventure combined with education. There are little surprises of mini-games everywhere in the house, and I don’t think my kid has found all of them yet. I paid 6.99 eur for it – not cheap for an app, but well worth it.

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