Cookie Carver – Are you ready for a life challenge game

[Game] Cookie Carver – Life Challenge

Cookie CarverSix rounds, six trials to survive!

Are you ready for a life challenge game? Complete different levels to win the game & get the handsome prize.

Let the Cookie Carver: Life Challenge game start!

Complete levels to win the game! Get chances to survive and gain freedom!

The games are known to everyone – they’re easy to learn and play. If you win the first game, you can move to the next level and test your luck.

Be careful! Big Boss is watching you. Follow the rules and you’ll leave the game safely with the prize.

Challenging Games:

Red Light, Green Light game
Dalgona Candy Carver challenge
Tug of War
Glass Stepping Stones
Round 6: Squid Time

GAME 1 – Red Light, Green Light game

Rules of this game are quite simple. Green light – run, red light – freeze! Watch out and follow the rules if you don’t want to be eliminated.

GAME 2 – Dalgona Candy Carver
Cut the logo out of the dalgona candy. Sounds easy? Let’s try!

GAME 3 – Tug of War

Strength is not an advantage! Use your strategy skills to win in this tug-of-war contest.

GAME 4 – Marbles

Play any game you like to get all the marbles, provided there’s no violence! Make your opponent guess odds and evens or try to hit the hole first!

GAME 5 – Glass Stepping Stones

Easy to learn, hard to master! Choose the right platform and try not to fall. Reach the finish line and survive.

GAME 6 – Round 6

It’s squid time! Play the popular k-game and get alive. Test your luck!

Are you ready to play your card? Join Cookie Carver: Life Challenge! We can begin an amazing game now!

Cookie Carver user reviews :

Just an ordinary Squid Game clone. I enjoyed speedrunning the stages (my best time was 4:07). So, why’d I give this game two stars? Because I’m unable to progress further than level 106 (the one where you have to step on the right platforms). I kill everyone off, but for some reason I don’t win. The game goes until I die, so pretty much I’m unable to play the game + do an activity I like.

This game looks cool but it isn’t. Like it’s wth. They just repeat the games on and on again and they always let u win. There r also ads. This game is nothing like the real squid game. Its way better than this game. Do watch squid game on Netflix and it’s season 2 is coming soon. Overall, I don’t like this game.

I like this game a billion times better than other games like it because it is easier to defeat the levels and for someone who is visually impaired like me I don’t mind easy I know other people want difficult Colt that’s not me so thank you for making this game Have the possibility of actually defeating more than just one level

It’s good but can you add a guard or player button and for the huggy wuggy and FNAF another button also I think that you should be able to have a choice to choose witch marble game you wanna play instead of having to play both of them also please make more bots beat glass bridge game and (1 more thing) 1. Games in order: red light green light, honeycomb (cookie), tug of War, marbles, glass bridge, squid game (the knife game), coffin game. Anyway good game but please add those things I recommend

  • Thank you for your feedback! Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game even better. Stay tuned for the updates!

The game has a bug and keeps closing saying there is a bug. Can’t really play.

It is a nice game and there are many levels and my favorite part in this game is red light and green light

This game is fun but to much adds like when I get to another level a add comes on.

Very good game but there are sooo many Ada plzzz fix the game and add more games….

Just started playing,i like that it resembles the actual thing and I don’t mind the ad’s as long as the game interests me,which it has so far.

The game is kinda relaxing and it’s about surviving this is not the type of game that would have zombies I like that the game has red light green light it

This game has a lote of ads and if you finch the game it kick you out and kids can’t play this bc it has diedth and bad things reason why I rate it 2 bc to much ads and unpropret for kids and you HAVE TO PAY FREKING MONEY FOR NO STUPID AD but this is just me if you want to play it give it a shoot bye I hop I halepd

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are constantly collecting users’ feedback to make the updates even better!

I think this game is great I mean it has great quality and it’s super fun, I see no issues in the game and I overall would recommend!

  • Thank you, Natalie! It’s a pleasure to hear such good words!

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