Universe Invader – The battle to protect the earth has begun

[Game] Universe Invader – Alien Attack

Universe Invader Experience a space fly shooting game with a gameplay that combines classic and modern shooting games.

In the future, the mankind has been developing to the level of advanced science and technology. Space science reaches new achievements. One day, the mankind discovered an army that is invading the planets from the space. The next target of this army is the earth. The battle to protect the earth and the universe has begun. Join the legendary fighter fleet to protect the mankind, protect the earth, and protect the universe.

Board your legendary fighter and equip your spacecraft with weapons and shoot down the enemy and save our earth.

Move your finger and shoot flies, chickens or any enemies that appear.
Lift your finger to activate special weapon.
Avoid enemy attacks with skillful spacecraft control.
Continuously upgrade your spacecraft to the highest level.
Collect your trophy and equip your fighter with new issues.

Lots of game modes.
Variety of spacecrafts and spaceships.
Powerful fighter upgrades.
Many challenges with bosses and mini bosses.

You will really experience the righteous battle in the vast universe and feel the drama of the classic plane and fly shooting games in a whole new game that is much more attractive.

Universe Invader user reviews :

I was going to give a 5 star but after a while it seem to become a cash grab. I was thoroughly enjoying the game. The graphics was nice and it was fast but now I can’t get past chapter 8. I’ve completed all levels and have been doing the same last one for quite some time. I’ve completed easy, hard and nightmare NUMEROUS times, and it still will not go to Chapter 9. I’ve spent a lot of money already to keep the stars and diamonds up and it still will not move forward to Chapter 9.

I love the game but for some reason certain screens are getting stuck. I’ll hit OK or accept and nothing happens. You can’t get pass that screen

Been playing this game for the past couple days have to say it’s some awesome gameplay and love the graphics and upgrades all the free coins you can earn very cool and definitely addicting shooting game..

Absolutely wonderful Plays offline I can release to activate main cannon there’s variety of power ups even missles,lasers wave beams etc so great job Keep up the good work I’d love to see a survival mode w a big sized score indicator vs leaderboards added in future updates they’ll love it

I enjoyed playing a game like this it was terrific it fast shoot em up game I really enjoyed it and the graphics is great never got bored , thank you.

Love it no real hard sell you decide if you want to spend easy to play and fun

It was awesome that’s I have to say about that….. It looks slot like wind wings..

It is amazing so much work in it and bosses are amazing like every thing else 10000000000/10

Kool game fun and addictive loved it from the beginning I started playing cant put it down yet…

I thought I had finally found THE shmup. Played for several hours until I found I kept getting fatally hit time and again but unable to see where from. No doubt I could have paid in order to continue but felt this was just the start of constant paying. Therefore I’m uninstalling and continuing my search for that perfect shmup.

I played with the ‘Arcades’, back in the 80’s. I just recently, learned, about the ‘Games’, and, I’m really glad, bcuz, I need something to work with my brain, and, perception. I need to ‘stimulate’, my Brain. I really liked, this one, and, I’ve been trying out, different games, but, this one, is quite a challenge, for me….

This game is good but more interesting update PvP mode 1vs1 and survival thank you

Great I haven’t changed my opinion about this game, but the developer’s let it down in their lust for squeezing every last penny from you shame on you

I would give the game 5 stars, but I have been having problems with level 70 for 2 weeks now reached out to the Devs but no answer.

Really,really worth playing and didn’t make it over complicated! But warning! Can become addictive! Yes før më,i really can,funk with this Øne. Its now part on my Top 5! Yes it definitly fits me. Keep up the good work!

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