CookieRun – Save the Pancake Tower from evil

[Game] CookieRun – Tower of Adventures

CookieRunCookieRun: Tower of Adventures – A Cookie-crisp, Top-down Adventure!
Official release: June 25 (PDT)

The seal on the oven has broken.
Join GingerBrave and his friends on their epic journey to save the Pancake Tower from evil!

Enjoy exploring every corner of the Pancake Tower with friends in a 3D Cookie action adventure! Work together to defeat challenging bosses!

Clear stages to earn sweet equipment and join the Cookies on their adventure as they learn the secrets of what threatens the peace inside the magical tower!

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Download now and join the epic 3D co-op battling journey with CookieRun: Tower of Adventures!

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CookieRun user reviews :

I love this game! The graphics and gameplay are amazing, the cookies have fun, unique abilities, and adding equipment adds a strategic feeling. The games progression is just perfect. You get rewards constantly, but they don’t just spoil you. You have to grind for it. The co-op was just the final touch this game needed, and you can do many things than just story mode with friends. I can’t wait for future updates!

Hey Devsisters! I really love your games and especially this one, but I have a tiny problem that’s been bugging me lately. I’m pretty sure my wifi’s perfectly fine, but whenever I try to complete a stage, it wouldn’t let me. A notice would pop up saying the sever’s broken or I disconnected upon completion. Decided to restart and redownload it, and it wouldn’t work. I’m still in the tutorial stage huhu… Hope this will be fixed!!!

It’s really fun and sort of addictive to play, the rewards are plenty and I never really felt stuck and unable to progress. My only problem would be with how the game struggles to load and will crash during raids. Also the lack of game settings is a little frustrating. Overall the game is new so I expect a lot of performance issues to get resolved in a couple weeks. Definitely recommend playing of you enjoyed Cookie Run Kingdom!

A pretty astonishing game! though, my CRTOA would freeze and sometimes kick me out back to my lockscreen mid gameplay but, that really doesn’t bother me at all since I’ve been used to games crashing/freezing for a long time. But, even if it doesn’t bother me, others can have it rough lol. I give it 5 stars, would play it again. Production quality on top as always Devsisters!

Truly great game. I’m a big fan of the cookie run games. I have cookie run kingdom as well. This game is amazing. It looks great with some nice colors and 3d graphics. The levels are great, and simple to complete, but collecting the additional collectibles can be a fun little challenge. The levels are creative, and so are the boss battles. Each character has his own unique abilities, which gives place for some of each players creativity and style of play. Another great cookie run game. Love it!

This game is really great, cool, and fun! Also always active for updates.. But i rate it 4 stars because of the glitches/bug here… It always crashed and sometimes restarting the game without doing anything, and when i and my friends are playing in adventure or any gamemodes my loading screen always stuck. I hope this rating will help to improve your game! Please fix it right away so that the players will not leave/quit the game, That’s all thank you.

I like the concept and the fact that it is 3D, you should go out and try it! I do recommend, even if you set the graphics to low it still looks astonishingly great! The only bad thing about this game is that sometimes it is pretty easy to get an epic cookie, I’d suggest for the device to lower the chances of getting an epic cookie, I just started playing and I have over 3 already! (Seriously, it’s so easy.)

I’ve been excited and been waiting for this game to come onto mobile but I can’t even play it because no matter what I do it keeps crashing at the start right before I have to do my first fight with the enemies, and sometimes it will even crash at the rolling pepper shakers. The animation is pretty smooth and the game looks good and so does character design but I won’t be able to see anymore of it cause of the amount of times my game has crashed at the very beginning of the game.

After an hour of play I like what I see but there a couple of things I think might hold it back in the future. I’m most worried about the controls, it’s pretty standard for a mobile action RPG but I’ve seen it done better. For a game like this I would recommend taking inspiration from dragalia lost. Next is skiping levels. It’s normal practice but linking it to the battle pass makes me think y’all are gunna make levels kinda tedious and not give enough free ones

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