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TP-Link OmadaOmada app is used for configuring and managing your Omada devices.

You can change settings, monitor the network status and manage clients, all from the convenience of a smart phone or tablet.

Standalone mode is designed for managing EAPs or wireless routers right away without having to spend time configuring a controller. Each device is managed separately. This mode is recommended for networks which only have a few EAPs (or wireless routers) and require only basic functions, such as home network.

Controller mode works together with a software Omada Controller or a hardware Cloud Controller, and is suitable for managing multiple devices (including gateways, switches and EAPs) centrally. Controller mode allows you to configure and automatically synchronize unified settings to the devices in the network. Compared to Standalone Mode, more configuration options are available and supports to manage more devices in Controller mode.
You can manage devices in Controller mode in two ways: via Local Access or Cloud Access. In Local Access mode, the Omada app can manage devices when the Controller and your mobile device are in the same subnet; in Cloud Access mode, the Omada app can access the Controller across the internet so you can manage your devices wherever you are.

Compatibility List:
The controller mode currently supports hardware cloud controllers (OC200 V1, OC300 V1), software Omada Controller v3.0.2 and above. (To experience more features support and more stable services, we recommend that you upgrade your controller to a new version).

Standalone Mode currently supports the following models (with latest firmware):
EAP245 (EU)/(US) V1
EAP225 (EU)/(US) V3/V2/V1
EAP115 (EU)/(US) V4/V2/V1
EAP110 (EU)/(US) V4/V2/V1
EAP225-Outdoor (EU)/(US) V1
EAP110-Outdoor (EU)/(US) V3/V1
EAP115-Wall (EU) V1
EAP225-Wall (EU) V2
ER706W (EU)/(US) V1/V1.6
ER706W-4G (EU)/(US) V1/V1.6
*The latest firmware is required and can be downloaded from
More devices supported by the app are coming!

TP-Link Omada user reviews :

Still needs a little improvement. Client lists don’t update fast enough. Tracking where a device is on the network is not always accuate. A lot of the widgets are useless because they don’t give you detailed information, this includes RSSI problems, which it has a widget for, but it doesn’t show which devices are having the problems which makes it useless.

This was the most useless app I’ve ever used. Almost immediately after installation the controller went offline. At the point I lost all control. I couldn’t even reset my outdoor WiFi with the app as it wasn’t recognized (even though I was connected to it) Guess who gets to climb on roof to manually push reset?!?! I spent more time in 24hrs troubleshooting and uninstalling than I’ve spent managing my network ~5yrs. The concept of the app is great, the fact it doesn’t work, is not.

TP-Link does a decent job with this as an interface, and especially with their firmware updates for their Omada hardware, but, I do wish this app has more of the popular config changes that are only currently available via controller (cloud). I get it’s a lot of duplicated dev effort, but they can add a fair bit of client and device Config features to this interface which would be handy from a mobile device (instead at squinting at a webpage or zooming in and scrolling for every little change)

As a seasoned technology influencer and experienced technician, I have found the Omada system to be exceptionally versatile and practical. If you have experience with other systems, you will appreciate the numerous thoughtful features they have incorporated. Notably, there are no annual or per-computer fees associated with monitoring, which is a significant advantage.

Please add a security to block client for using wifi tethering when they are authenticated in omada controller? Some authorized client use wifi tethering to connect other phone to share wifi by means of their own phone wifi hotspot tethering. Tp link still no solution for this .. a features must add in the future update..

Hoping you will add the network settings so it easy for us to manage and change the configuration and also additional security not allow user to share connection using Hotspot Tethering while connected to our network..

This App is great, let’s you easily set up and configure your access points. The only thing it hasn’t got over the Web based version is the graphs which I really feel it would benefit from

Feels like a chopdown version without the essential parts of Omada controller. Things like authentication especially voucher generation would’ve been a great addition, since that is the only reason I open the Omada controller. Update: Hotspot Manager is now available in app. Awesome update!

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