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Cooking KingdomCooking Kingdom is a fast-paced, addictive, challenging and time management free online cooking games. In this cooking games, you will play the role of a chef who must prepare and cook a variety of dishes for customers in your restaurant. You will need to use your skills and creativity to create delicious and visually appealing dishes, ensuring that your kitchen crush reputation keep your customers coming back for more.

This cooking game is available with multiple food trucks filled with a variety of different dishes to cook, from simple appetizers to complex desserts. You will also have access to a variety of kitchen appliances and ingredients, which you can use to create your own unique dishes. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new dishes, appliances, and ingredients, which will give you more freedom to experiment with this cooking game.

These type of food games is immensely popular among girls, as they have a passion of cooking the food. If you’re seeking the best cooking games for girls then cooking kingdom is perfect cooking game for you. This cooking game is also best suitable for food enthusiasts who love cooking games, restaurant games, food games, and pizza games. You will find hours of fun in this challenging and rewarding cooking game.

Cooking Kingdom is not just about cooking, it is about managing your restaurant and keeping your customers happy, as we can also call this game a restaurant game, chef game or a kitchen game. This means ensuring that your restaurant or kitchen is clean and well-stocked, and that your food is cooked to perfection.

Here are some special features of Cooking Kingdom:

Over 200+ different dishes to cook
Different levels of cooking simulation
A variety of kitchen appliances and ingredients
Challenging and rewarding cooking crush game-play
Time management game to serve food quickly
Cook the food perfectly, don’t overcook the food. Overcooked food will get burned.
Upgradable restaurant
A variety of customers with different preferences
Tips from customers when you make them happy
Travel around the world and prepare continental food
Combos to get extra coins
Play this restaurant games offline
Spin wheel to get unique rewards
Daily task for you to claim daily reward

Explore the restaurants & food trucks available in this cooking game:

New York is a melting pot of cultures. Serve up a classic Hot Dog with a Kitchen Crush twist.

Las Vegas is known for its nightlife, so you could find food recipes as Lasagna, Lobster Roll and 24-Layer Chocolate Cake in this restaurant.

Chicago is known for its chicago-style deep dish pizza. Let’s serve Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich, Chicago Cocktail, and Doughnuts in this restaurant.

California is known for its diverse cuisine, serve traditional food such as Avocado Toast, Fish Tacos, and Garlic Ice Cream.

London is a cosmopolitan city with a rich history. In food truck, you could serve English Breakfast, Fish & Chips, Iced Tea with lemon and red valvet cake.

Berlin, Let’s serve Schnitzel, Berliner Pfannkuche and Orange Juice in this food truck.

Rome, Let’s serve Croissant, Risotto with Squid ink, Coffee, and Italian Pie.

Mumbai & Delhi is is popular for South Indian food, Gujarati food and Fast Food. Let’s serve Vada Pav, Bombay Halwa, Pav Bhaji.

Dubai & Bangkok Let’s serve Basbousa, Samosa, Shawarma, Gahwa(Arabic Coffee), Pad Thai, Chicken Coconut Soup and Mango sticky rice.

Get ready to enjoy the ultimate cooking simulator experience. Let’s start cooking today!

Cooking Kingdom user reviews :

It’s a cute cooking game!! Not crazy about the helping hand that forces you to collect the boosters & then force you to play with it!! If you are going to force us then that one should be free!! Also the tutorial should also be an option bc most people know what to do. Also the drinks are a little small even after upgrading & it makes it hard to tap them so I have to tap again. Other than that it’s a good game!!

  • Hello Julie, Thanks for your review. We’re glad that you like our cooking games. We’re adding more restaurants levels in this cooking games. Keep playing.

It’s a fun game but once you want to watch ads to help you get through levels nothing is available.

  • Dear user, We sincerely apologize. We’ve fixed that video issue. Kindly update the game and you’ll get more videos with rewards. If this helps, please update your rating and review. Thanks.

I like this game. Its nice that you can go back to the previous restaurants to replay levels to max stars. Bit frustrating to have to use data to gain more customers by watching ads. It will take ages to gain the required gems but will never be enough.

  • Thanks you for your feedback. We sincerely apologize. We strive to strike a balance between providing free entertainment and generating revenue to support the continuous development and maintenance of the game. We hope that you understand our concern, would you mind rating us 5 stars? That would be very encouraging for us.

This game is great to play. Given it 5 stars changed rating as thought I had issues but now sorted out. It was not the game. Many ways to earn or get diamonds good graphics. Best cooking game so far I have played.

  • Dear Susan, We sincerely apologize. We need some more information from you to investigate your problem. Please contact us at uvtechnolab[at] so we can ask you about that information and resolve your issue. Rest assured that we will address your issue to create a more enjoyable and seamless experience for you.

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