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Cooking SeasideLocated on beautiful beaches, our Cooking Seaside restaurant chain is a must-visit culinary experience destination for travelers.

The menu at the restaurant is broad, with a wide range of dishes, particularly appealing fast, light lunches, and beautiful evenings with fresh seafood and delicious meats.

As expert chefs, we produce seasonal menus that reflect the local culinary tradition while combining contemporary processing methods, providing guests with outstanding meals that are unforgettable. The restaurant is divided into various zones with unique styles. Huge coastal view with grass and coconut palms; A bar and processing counter facing the ocean will be located well in our restaurant.

Cooking by the sea will delight you with a high-class culinary experience with a range of fresh and appetizing seafood from the seas of Singapore, France, the United States, and Japan… They have always been handcrafted by our skilled chefs. Using the best ingredients, from Singapore lobster to the famous French Escargot grilled snails, and combining them with seasonal signature elements, creates a cuisine world full of surprises.

Diners at the American restaurant will be eager to try the New York Pizza, classic Apple Pie, or Alaskan king crab, which is both high in protein and exceptionally fresh. For a snack, tourists can choose from a variety of delectable fast-food choices such as hamburger, pizza, french fries, sandwiches, hotdogs, and so on. In addition to the traditional grilled snail cuisine, the European restaurant serves exquisite French standard steaks, French bread, croissants, and quality Bordeaux wines. Visitors from Asia may enjoy your original Japanese sashimi, ramen, and bento… There will be a lot of delicious food waiting for you.

When you come to this culinary wonderland, you are going to:
Experience various dishes from throughout the world, including Asia, Europe, and America on this exciting voyage, you will also learn more and travel to the world’s most famous seaside cities.

Feel like you’re cooking in your own kitchen. You’ll learn every culinary method, including boiling, frying, steaming, boiling, grilling, and more, as well as dozens of additional cooking talents you’ve probably never heard of.
Improve cooking ingredients and introduce more innovative recipes to fantastic guests. Along with preparing increasingly sophisticated dishes, you will boost your revenue and advance through all stages.
Learn how to manage, balance time wisely, and update kitchen gadgets to rapidly tackle foodies.

How to Play:
Play the game to unlock new restaurants by collecting enough keys.
Prepare and serve a range of delectable delicacies for guests, including appetizers, main courses, desserts, tea, coffee, wine, fast food, sweets, and so on.
Upgrade your kitchen ingredients and appliances.
Boost your profits by servicing more consumers.
Create numerous combos to increase your income and bonus from consumers.
Use item packs to increase your cooking power and speed.
Increase your cooking power and speed by using item packs.
Avoid wasting or burning food!

Tips: While playing the game, you may be helped in cooking food, bringing food instantly and collecting money, or keeping food longer without burning. If possible, utilize Double the bonus to get more money rapidly to upgrade goods and enhance the restaurant.

All customers will visit your beach restaurant to immerse themselves in nature, listen to the waves of the sea, and thoroughly appreciate the taste of high-class cuisine offered by you; they are waiting for you every minute, so don’t waste time. Roll up your sleeves and put on your chef’s hat!

Cooking Seaside user reviews :

The game itself is fine and fun. It is a game where you essentially *have* to watch ads or there’s no way to generate the coin you need. The ads themselves are horrendously obnoxious. I don’t appreciate the ones that interrupt my podcast, and it’s even worse when I can’t even mute the ad. I can usually work past those, but this is not one of those times.

  • You can consider in-app purchase option, any purchases of Ruby packs will remove ads. We always try to bring the most comfortable and wonderful experience in game for you all

I think the game is fun. I love the brightly colored graphics. I dislike the expensive amounts of coinage for upgrades.

  • Thank you for your rate. Let’s hit the game. Prepare, Cook, and Serve cuisines from Japan, China, Thailand, India, Middle East, South Korea, Russia, etc, and become a true Star Chef. Working in different restaurants and become a master chef in this one of our top-rated cooking games

I was on the seafood level with almost all my stars, I updated the game with the new update now I’m back on the breakfast stage with all my stars gone and the game didn’t even update because it keep saying new version available.

  • Hi, Chef! Thank you for your rate and sorry for your inconvenience. As soon as we received your feedback on this bug, we fixed the bug as quickly as possible for you. Now you can comfortably play the game with the best experience. We always try to bring users a quality cooking game.

Like this game it is fun to play you will like this game.

  • Thank you for your rate. Open a famous restaurant and cook breakfast, lunch, dinner for your beloved customer, hot dishes with delicious taste will keep them back to your restaurant again and again

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