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[Game] Cooking Master Chef

Cooking Master ChefPrepare, cook & serve tasty cuisine and desserts in your restaurant and dish out hundreds of different cuisines from all over the world in this addictive time-management game!

Welcome to the cooking world! Prepare, cook & serve tasty cuisine like a professional chef and Start your cooking adventure in a variety of unique locations and restaurants. Practice your cooking skills in whole world, from juicy burgers to sweet desserts, from Japanese to brazilian cuisines. Grow from an apprentice to a world chef and build your own restaurant empire! Become the Great Cooking Master!

Discover and Unlock a variety of places,as you progress on your journey. Try out different kinds of kitchen appliances, from fried chicken fryer and coffee machines to rice cooker and cappuccino oven. Get the restaurants back to business and attract more and more customers.Grow from an apprentice to a world chef and build your own restaurant empire!

Exciting features include:
Hundreds of special dishes from countries all over the world!
Over 1000 levels to complete!
Customers needs will change each start! No more same level!
Discover hiden levels!
Expand your restaurant empire with distinct restaurants around the world!
Travel to discover many different ingredientsand food all over the world
Upgrade your Kitchen and Level Up to become the famous Chef Master!
Get Combos and Earn Huge Tips while showing off your cooking skills

Download Cooking Master for free. Enjoy the fun restaurant and cooking game! Regular updates and more events await you!

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Cooking Master Chef user reviews :

Could be the best cooking game on here! Way to expensive to upgrade any ingredients! No extra jobs! Just long levels that speed up the burning process, yet it slows down when cooking! Right before you win the level it says you are out of time by one or two points, hearts, or customers! Ads won’t load! The game suggestions say use boosts, and that’s still not enough to win! Burns food when you click on it! This is the most addictive cooking game I have ever played but it cheats!

I love this game it’s so easy to play and there are lots off prizes to win you just have to watch the adds to get the prizes it’s better to watch the adds instead of paying out of your own pocket so the next time someone complains about the adds think which is better? Watching adds or paying out of your own pocket?

It’s fun and fast paced. Although the ads won’t load, as I got deeper into the game, causing me to be unable to pass the next levels. It’s very annoying because I like this game. Please fix this!!

  • thank you for your approval and sorry for the problems. the ad loading relies on the official Google, and we will try our best to optimize the loading of rewarded ads more smoothly. In addition, starting from the second restaurant, clearing the level with all stars will unlock repeated levels, which can help you get more gold coins

I was really enjoy this game but to upgrade the cooking appliance you guys are asking for 15,000 and 27,000. But than u don’t even earn a lot of coins when playing. Even if you use double the coins you only get 200 over what the goal was. I’m just going to play a different cooking .

Love this game but since update on March 14th. 2 restaurant in Rio de Janeiro level 1st challenge no customers at all!!!!!! Can’t play can’t go any farther its getting really annoying

Very fun game but ads wont load so cant get free stuff and help to pass levels. Also you run out of energy quick so have to stop playing for a while or pay for more.

I love the crisp, clean, smooth graphics. I love the challenge. Love thus game!

I just started playing this game and so far I am really enjoying it. The graphics is outstanding. Love the levels that you get to play

It’s very nice game.but it was suddenly stop at the level of 3rd place I delete it and I’ll download it again ..and I’ll start in 1st level

Very fun game. 5 stars now that the ads are fixed. Not too easy or too hard. Can complete harder levels with ads if needed. I don’t ever feel stuck like on most of these games.

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