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Cooking StoriesPlay Cooking Stories, the most appetizing time management casual game: manage your game cafe, makeover, decorate and conquer the culinary world!

In this cooking simulator, you’ll step into the shoes of a rising star producer of a cooking show. Get ready to discover new and exciting cooking madness as you manage your very own cafe and restaurant. Embark on a culinary adventure, where you’ll upgrade and renovate your establishments, decorate them to perfection, and even help your star chef shine in the game kitchen.

As you progress through the cafe game, you’ll witness the growth of your restaurant and cafe story. New cafes and restaurants will pop up, each with their own unique flair and challenges. Dive into the cooking diary of your star chef game and help them create mouthwatering dishes that will leave your customers craving for more.

But that’s not all! In the ultimate food game Cooking Stories, you’ll also get to explore the world of the time management and chef game. Organize your kitchen in game, manage your staff, and ensure that every order is delivered with the utmost care and precision.  And let’s not forget the fun of cooking simulator and cooking games for girls – you can even try your hand at makeovers and interior design for your star’s house!

Cooking Stories is the ultimate food and kitchen game that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Immerse yourself in cooking story and become the mastermind behind the most successful game cafe and cooking restaurant game in town.

Our main features:
Manage and upgrade your game cafe and restaurant. Renovate and decorate your establishments. Discover new stars and help them shine in the kitchen.

Explore the world of time management and chef skills. Customize your star’s house and try your hand at makeovers. Offline gameplay for your convenience. Engaging game selection mechanics.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Cooking Stories now and embark on a delicious adventure! Get ready to become the ultimate my cafe and cooking simulator master. Let’s get cooking!

Cooking Stories user reviews :

Nice graphics easy to learn, the first woman she was fast on her feet and didnt have much of an issue getting around, the second cafe is a little harder because the guy is slow and he gets hung up on the red table, plus you get only so many clicks on the customer before they get mad because no table is open and leave if you don’t seat them right away makes it hard to complete the level especially if the man is slow and don’t have enough boosters. Thank you for the less ads. Good game.

  • Thank you very much for such detailed feedback! It’s so important to us that you share your suggestions and thoughts about our game We will definitely take this point into account in the balance of the game

Update: Thanks for the response, but, I already uninstalled it months ago. Like I said I was stuck on Simon no matter what I did. Uninstalled after a few days. No matter what I did, I could not get past the 2nd character, Simon. Got to having him completely made over and could no longer pass the levels, even using boosters. To bad, it was fun up until it was impossible to advance. Not going to keep playing a game that’s no longer fun and you’re stressed and just stuck.

  • We are very sorry that you encountered such a problem. We will try to sort this out, please write to us at support[at] What level are you stuck on? You can attach a screenshot or video in your letter so that we can quickly understand what the problem is.

Cooking stars is one of a kind game I have ever played before. It’s so fun and very creative. So far as I’m playing it ,it has a very fun story line. Love to play more games like this. Now that I finished the first set it won’t let me play the second set. It keeps freezing on the loading screen. I even done the update and still won’t work. PLEASE FIX IT!!!

  • Dear Sabrina, we appreciate you like our game!!! We just strart the developing and there’re can be small issues, sorry for that. Did you try to download updates of our game? It seems to we fixed it in the last update. Let us know if it helps.

I just started playing this game & so far I love it. The only issue I’ve come across: The ads will not play. When you click the ad button in any screen, (free spin, video for diamonds, etc) it says loading advertisement & then sits there with no video tho if you click the button again it turns the loading ad off. Update: game is not opening on 1st try have to close out & reopen for it to work. Also the screen doesn’t rotate, is it a feature that can be added? I prefer the other side of my phone

  • Thank you for writing such a detailed review! We are already working on solving the problem with advertising We will also be sure to take your wishes into account in future updates and introduce screen rotation for your convenience.

Love the game but now I’m stuck on the second story line first level. After the tutorial the additional guests never arrive so I automatically fail the level. Also my pastries never come unless I use diamonds to pay for it.

  • Thank you for your feedback We have released an update that should fix the problem on the second episode. Please install it, and if this does not help you, then write to us at support[at] We have also already taken care of the problem with pastries Contact us so that we can reimburse you for the crystals you spent.

Finally and hopefully for long term; no forced annoying adds after each level!!! Very fun and can play for hours since they don’t harass me with ads. I will definitely support the devs!! Update: Level 49 Mia glitching, not able to start the level.

  • Thank you for your support and kind words! Our team tried very hard to make the game enjoyable and fun LayLay, Thanks for the update! We will quickly check this level in Mia’s episode.

It’s has some weird glitches, but overall it’s a good game. Now I never have any pastries. They’re constantly loading for hours and then I never get them. Also, now there’s no ads to try to complete the level. Some level are so hard that I was stuck on them for weeks and had no boosters.

  • Thank you for your feedback We will definitely fix this issue in the next update.

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