Pixel Archmage – Master all forms of magic to bring back peace

[Game] Pixel Archmage

Pixel ArchmageConquer magic, conquer the battlefield!
The idle pixel RPG, Pixel Archmage is finally out!

Meteors are falling on the Starane continent…!
And all living creatures are turning into vicious monsters.

The world needs the Archmage’s help!
Master all forms of magic to bring back peace!

Beautiful pixel graphics
That’s the one! Just what I was looking for!
Adorable pixel characters come to life with vivid effects.
Dive into the mesmerizing pixel world!

Explosive damage! Blinding magic effects
Cast destructive magic skills to wipe out the monsters!
Choose between 6 types of skills to conquer the entire map.
You can become the ultimate Archmage!

Skyrocket to higher levels! Quick and easy growth
Loot effortlessly and grow at blazing-fast speed!
Get Legendary staves in no time!
Max out your sense of accomplishment!

Delightful & Satisfying collectibles!
From relics, equipment, monster collections,
to the legendary grimoires hidden inside the tower!
Get incredible rewards and power through!

Go face-to-face with the Giant Boss!
Fight the ultimate duel against the orc boss in the arena!
Climb the leaderboard to prove your power.

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Pixel Archmage user reviews :

UI is clunky. Takes a second for buttons to process any kind of action. Game will crash or just stop working randomly. Not much tutorial direction given to new players aside from competing quests. Edit: leveling up skills or using gacha will cause the game to freeze. The character stops attacking and the timer stops, then an error pops up and you get sent back to the title screen. They dropped the ball on this one

  • Greetings, Shawn! We’re sorry to hear you had issues with the buttons. We will be sure to let our relevant department know about this issue. We’ll also forward your statement regarding the lack of tutorial for new users, with the hope that soon a more detailed tutorial will be added. Thank you for understanding

Nothing new. It’s the same as all other idle games. There Nothing to that makes it stand out. There’s quite few errors and glitches when playing. Controls aren’t always responsive. There is a delay when upgrading skills, stat, etc which slows down game. I also had it crash on me a few times as well.

  • Hello, A Wood! Thank you for playing our game and leaving honest reviews! We’re actively addressing the issue of the game being slow with our development team. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our hotline anytime. [cs[at]archmagekr.zendesk.com] Have a great day full of energy today

Decent game I guess. The delays in the game are terrible. If I upgrade anything on my character it takes around 3 seconds to take effect. In that time I can do nothing else. There is not a batch upgrade button, I can’t hold to upgrade. Just press upgrade every 3 seconds. Too slow. Feels bad.

  • We were deeply moved by your kind words about our game being great. The development team is working hard to address the current lag and delay issues. Additionally, we would appreciate it if you could contact hotline regarding the upgrade suggestion you provided. We continue to support your adventures today and always.

it was fun at the beginning but now it’s just a grind, slow increase, need to manually move character to gather mobs to kill in time or constantly failing. ranking title system is a little weird like trainee to trained mage to just mage idk how I feel about all that, cool concept tho. costumes take forever to get and impossible to lvl past lv7. chat over censors simple text. upgrading skills or saving to unlock costume?! needs an ally or guild component. I’m over it, best of luck!

  • Hi there, Chaldean! We appreciate your detailed review. Furthermore, thank you very much for the lacking points mentioned. We will be sure to forward them to the relevant department. In the meantime, we would be more than happy if you could join our official community at discord.gg/kP6C6fnjyq

The game itself isnt bad but it crashes way to easily like let me give you some examplsles. Open a menu crash, put on gear crash again, upgrading stats crashed again, clicking the screen to many times you can guess what happens.

  • Hi, abstract! We’re sorry to hear about your experience. The crashing issue has been forwarded to our development team, and they are currently investigating it. However, if the issue gets worse, please message our hotline at cs[at]archmagekr.zendesk.com. Our team will be more than happy to help you out. Thank you in advance

So far, all I can say is that this game is fun. My only thing I would want is an easier way to collect rewards, like a collect all button for the pass. Another thing would be the delay between the synthesizing and other buttons lie quests. Other than that, it’s fun. I like games like these. Keep doing what you guys are doing.

  • Thank you for the 5-star review, Fayas! We will make sure your feedback about adding a collect all button for the rewards and the issue with the delay in the game gets delivered for review! We appreciate your suggestions, and you can feel free to send us more by email at cs[at]archmagekr.zendesk.com.

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