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Countdown Days  Countdown Days app and days widget count days, hours and minutes until your special event. With our free countdown app you can add as many events as you want. The app has a beautiful home screen widget, a countdown calendar, reminders and post-call notifications for all your upcoming events.

Did you even forget or miss important meetings, birthdays or anniversaries? With our countdown widget for your home screen, you will never miss an event again. On top of that, we’ll remind you of your events after your phone calls. Easily view events and add new ones right after your conversation. Now you won’t miss on events, you just talked about.

Our countdown widget count days left until your special event: wedding, retirement, holiday, vacation, countdown to christmas, baby due date.

Day counter widget comes in 4 different sizes for home screen and display days, hours and minutes left. It will count down to event and count up once event passes, to count the days after enabling you to track the days passed since event date.

App features:
– Countdown widget for home screen
– 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, 4×3 resizable homescreen widgets
– Count days hour minutes
– Count up – counting days after
– Big collection of stickers
– Use your own photos for widgets
– After call feature to view existing events and immediately create new ones.
– Nice stock images for counting to event
– Daily, weekly, be-weekly, monthly and yearly event repetition for countdown timer on home screen
– Backup and restore

Countdown app has large collection of widgets for home screen. We also have unique resizable list widget that can show all your tracked dates in one place right on your home screen, no need to enter application to see your upcoming events.

In order to add a countdown to your home screen you have to go to your phone’s widget menu and find Countdown Widget option. Long press on one of available widget sizes that you want to place on your home screen and drag and drop onto your home screen. Configuration dialog will popup where you can pick your event from the event list, or enter a new title and date to create a new countdown event for home screen.

Enjoy your count down app and widget!

Countdown Days user reviews :

Love this app. Have been using it for years. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to set the repeating of events to be a number of days, weeks, months, etc. Like I have one count down that I need every 3 months but I have to modify it to the correct date every time.

Not working like it used to. I have had this for years and it used to work great, now the widgets will not update. It stays the same number unless I click on it and hit start countdown again. Then it changes. I shouldn’t have to. It should change everyday on its own. Please fix this.

It’s really fun to be able to see how many days I have left until vacation, retirement, etc. It’s also motivating to see I only have so many days left to endure something difficult. My favorite part is the selection of images you can add next to each countdown.

Perfect for vacation and more! Easy to use and just as fun as buying a label printer and going around labelling everything in the house. With this app I can countdown Everything! Why not?!

Doesn’t really work properly. This app doesn’t count by itself, you have to keep resubmitting your date/time and then it will go onto the next number (for example, I just had to do it again so it would change from 12 days to 11 days on my current countdown). App is not straightforward in how to use it. There aren’t many designs for the countdown timer and many of them look awkward if you decide to type in any title for your countdown.

great app with minimal advertising….you can make notes or checklists, and set calendar due dates (recurring option too). There’s also some other customizations that are all free.

Tons of ads but if you want to count down the days to an event it is perfect. I have tried many countdown apps and this one has been the most reliable that I keep on coming back to.

Seems pretty good so far. I’ve just recently downloaded and got it set up. I like that you can select from holidays that are already preloaded. I haven’t tried putting in any other events yet. I especially like the smaller widget. I have a lot of widgets on my screen, the big ones take up to much space. I’m waiting to try this out for a while before I get the pro version. I used to have the count down app pro version until the developer apparently abandoned it and it no longer works.

This app is great. I’m using it to display a countdown to when I’m moving and when I need to change my water filter next

Works great. Easy to use. Love the different sizes. Perfect for project with multiple phases.

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