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Countdown to Anything  From the creator of Christmas Countdown, a super simple app that lets you count down to everything else (but also Christmas )!

Choose from the built-in countdowns or create your own!

Built-in countdowns include:

Holidays such as New Year’s Day, Christmas, Hannukah, Diwali, Easter Sunday, Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day
Sporting events such as the World Cup and Olympics
Other events including Eurovision and the US Presidential Election

When you create your own, you can choose from over 60 cute icons, so you can always find a match for your countdown. Countdown to Anything has icons for birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby due dates, parties, movies, games, books and loads more!

Share your countdowns with anyone by getting a simple link, even if they don’t have the app!

Got an idea for a new icon, or a countdown that should be built in? Let me know at apps[at]!

Countdown to Anything user reviews :

nice, neat and cute app with widget. I would prefer to have the option of taking out the hours and minutes as I often count down to months. also would be nice if i can change the size of the widget to a square instead of a rectangle.

Very impressed by this precious app. It is adorable visually and there is an ease using it. This is quite perfect and good for any one for any occassion.

This app is great! It’s helped me remember so many events like friend’s birthdays etc, the visuals are so cute and it’s really smooth and quick. And… No adds! The only thing I would suggest is that it could remind you of a saved even at a chosen time and that it reminds you at the time it’s at? That would be great and make it even more useful thanks!

Good app, works well, but you need premium to use it as a widget.

I’ve searched everywhere, but i can’t find an app that just counts down seconds in a widget, until a set date.

I love countdowns, especially their Christmas one, i cant wait for premium of this where you can get widgets like the Christmas countdown, dates are all off by 1 day no matter how much i uninstall reinstall and update (i did email and quick response time) but i dont know if thats leap year issue or the fix didnt go through for android yet? Either way i enjoy this app and cant wait for widgets UPDATE. LITERALLY RIGHT AFTER POSTING THIS I OPENED APP AND DATES ARE FIXED! Im happy

I love this app, it has a super cute design and I like that you can make custom widgets so you’re not stuck with the defaults. Only thing I’d say is it would be good if each widget was like the Christmas countdown app. I think that would just add so much more. Overall, a good app!

Serves the purpose. Animated Stickers are fabulous and eye catching

Why is this app in entertainment? Can you show countdown for past events? – like days since graduation. How to add events from google calender here?

I swear it could been good but I ended up little bit disappointed buying this app..I was hoping the widget could show me every seconds running on the clock but there was none.. Plus, widget doesn’t even have the capability to be transparent which was a pretty much a downer to me.

I like this app, but there’s just one problem. Whenever I make a custom countdown or even use one of the presets, it sets the countdown for the next day.
  • Jupli
  • Hi Jennifer, that definitely shouldn’t be happening! Could you email me at apps[at] with a screenshot or two of exactly what’s happening? That’ll help me figure out how to fix it!

Great app but.. One issue…each countdown I set had to be set for the following day for it to show up as the right date. Example…birthday June 13 had to be set for June 14 for it to read June 13. Same thing with all the countdowns set.

This app does work! Good app, overall I wish the countdowns showed on the home screen so that when I wake up I can look on my phone and attuamati Ally wake up and see that.

Good, but with a problem. Whenever I make a custom countdown, or even use one of the presets, it sets the countdown for the next day.
  • Jupli
  • I’ve tracked down the issue and fixed it in version 1.0.3. Update from the Play Store and it should be sorted

It’s really neat, but it needs an update for the start of the summer Olympics since it has been postponed. Plus it would be great if it could have a widget for my phone.

Super simple but well made and easy to use! And not an ad in sight

It’s super fun you can count down to anything you can even do random days you’re excited for like a vacation you’re going to in a couple days and someone else’s birthday or any exciting day this apps super fun

Fantastic. Does what it says on the tin. Simple, clean, fun. Thanks for no ads or in app purchase nonsense!

This is the best countdown app out there, thanks to developer for choosing not to include ads in it.

Works great, clean interface, cute icons and best of all no ads! :D

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