Leviathan – Your own champion builds

[App] Leviathan – Builds for LoL

Leviathan  Leviathan is an app that provides up-to-date information for League of Legends game:

Champions and abilities in-depth description
Most popular builds
Picks and counterpicks
Extracts from guides
Items, runes and other gameplay elements info
Your own champion builds
No internet connection required (only for champion skins/lore/spell videos)

Web version: encnet.ru/leviathan

Leviathan user reviews :

Great app, easy to use please add a setting where you can change the font size or button size its real hard to touch runes and items on my screen and can you also add where you can see the overall stats that your custom builds do? it takes a long time to check it manually. thanks :)

Very Accurate, and fully detailed items, always Up to Date

Useful and helpful for new users who want to understand or get used to the game or a certain champion

Beautiful app. but can you please please add an option where we can download the skins of the champion.
  • Alexandr Shavykin
  • Already added it. Will be available in the next app update.

This app is very easy to use and It has simple hud with everything you need to know about match ups ,runes, guide ,items etc.i espcially love about this app is that i can see match up tips and synergy pick with my team and it has details explaination on abitiles that most of the app does not .It does not need internet connection to use also . Just download and give it a try .Overall one of the best guide for lol.

Definitely the best companion I’ve found about league of legends! Helpful, and is offline which is just the best. Also, I like how quick the updates are to the current patch. Hope you keep that pace.

More Suitable info… Has many Info’s to know and When every season comes up it also update here in this app

nice app but i hope for more updates will be good enough for me

Good app but plz add the dragon buff

Very helpful app. It provides a better understanding and explanation of characters, abilities, items, spells and common terminology. I did notice that the character Yuumy was missing. I’m not sure if there are any more missing. I hope the developers can fix this and then I will rate 5 stars :)

All the champion Information is fully detailed….. Noice
  • Alexandr Shavykin
  • Thanks!

Great app, especially for newer players like myself to help understand the match ups and builds. Only thing I don’t get from the app is when you click on a champion, I don’t know what the cup means in the stats

The best application I have ever used! And it’s being greatly helpful for league!

has potential, just needs to be updated to accommodate every patch. for example ryze reworked abilities are still not updated and its been out for the better half of an entire patch cycle now.
  • Alexandr Shavykin
  • yes, there is a delay for updates, because now i’m reworking server side of the app, but it’s almost finished. there will be an update soon

This app is amazing! The layouts are really nice and skill descriptions are the most detailed I’ve seen in any app. Highly recommend for any League players!

best app for lol but its kinda sad that it updates after quite a while
  • Alexandr Shavykin
  • Well, that’s an issue, I agree, but most of the time I’m translating updated info to russian – main app language. I’m the only developer of the app, so usually updates are late for 5-7 days.

Why only 10k this app is very helpful

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