Cover Orange – Best game since Cut the Rope

[Game] Cover Orange

Cover OrangeThe long awaited hit now on Google Play! Join the party! :)

A deadly genetically modified rain cloud of fruit dissolving vapour is heading for the orange capital of the world!

A fruit loving, natural-ingredient pioneering hero!

Now! Can you ‘orange’ it?

Drag the various objects at your disposal to create barriers that will protect the oranges from the acid rain. Use your skill and ingenuity to achieve the maximum population survival rate. Vitamin ‘C’ollateral damage is not an option.

Adoring shouts and cheers from the small, orange, spherical guys and their undying love.

Cover Orange is an exciting puzzle game suitable for all ages. It combines realistic game physics, enduring levels, vibrant colours and laugh out loud animations.

It’s time to pump up the juice in a game made from pure orange concentrate!


“Cover Orange: Best game since Cut the Rope?”
“.. instantly accessible, wholly addictive, and thoroughly entertaining–just like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope.”

“Cover Orange is just what an iPhone game should be: a fun concept with simple touch screen controls and sharp graphics. If you’re looking for your next portable addiction, it’s got your bases covered.”

“I’ve definitely felt that “ok, just one more level” draw that a clever puzzler will inspire, making it tough to walk away from”

“Cover Orange HD got the creative juices flowing.”


Game Services support
Includes 160 Levels
Ultra-realistic object physics
A true Internet hit with over 500 million plays
Music by Eduard Tziselsky, composer for the tv-show “Village of Fools”
User-friendly touch controls
Dazzling colors
Countless hours of fun

Cover Orange user reviews :

Really fun game. Kills time. Only one problem… I’m not very far yet but level 1-36 is a bug or mistake. No matter what you do in the level, it fails. Looked up how to do the level and it told me to do the exact thing I had already done multiple times and it still fails. Only way to pass it is to use the pass(helmets)

Great game! This game requires you to use your brain right from the first level! There are no ‘super-easy, no thought required’ levels. You must use logic and strategy to pass each fun level. The graphics are awesome and adorable.

I don’t believe so many great reviews. Its just so slow and uninteresting. You cover an orange from an oncoming rain cloud, who seems to take an eternity to come so the round can end once you put the pieces in place. Its just not good imo, but it’s too much logic and puzzle ability involved for those young enough for this sort of thing

overall it’s a really cute concept, however it’s too freaking slow! there’s no speed up button once you get the all the oranges covered it’s not like you can even move anything after you cover all the oranges so why does it go so slow and why do you have to have watch the cloud go all the way over if you got it done is done get the damn level out of the way

This is great before It was only playable on computer but now can be played on mobile and this is a great puzzle game thanks devs I hope more updates are coming but please make An update where you could refill the helmets I have to wait for hours just to get one helmet please fix these

Loving this game the gameplay is easy to start but gets more difficult as it goes on but is so much fun at the same time…..I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing it well done devs

good game overall but the ninth level is just nearing impossible, especially with new players, it took me so long i lost count of how many times i failed

What rock have I been living under!? I just can’t understand it how it took me this long to find this game. The helmets are nice but I wish there was in hint option instead of just having it solved or at least have it show us the best way.

I love this game. When i played it was so good! When fgteev played this i went like WHY NOT? And i got the game the gameplay is super good and the graphics are great and the controls are superb! Good job on this game its my favorite puzzle game thanks for making this game

Levels are very very tricky and the settings are you set not proper some time we try dozens time and its done mistakenly or automatically so it’s not fair and you should make game clear fast after complition a level.also update required.

Got this game for my 4 yr old…he loves numbers and logic(he is doing some 2nd & 3rd grade math). This game does require you to use logic and predict the next few moves like in mini chess game…can be addicting even for adults!

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