Turn Undead 2 – Discover and exploit monsters weaknesses

[Game] Turn Undead 2 – Monster Hunter

Turn Undead 2 Journey from Victorian London to Egypt and defeat the Mummy King and his legion of monsters in this turn based action puzzle platformer.


Turn based movement with all the action of a platformer.
Time is in your control, time moves when you do!
Solve devious puzzles hidden within spooky gothic streets, labs and tombs!
Discover and exploit monsters weaknesses.
Collect the bonus holy cross for an extra hard challenge!
Easy swipe based controls.
A PERFECT game for Halloween!

Time to Die… One step at a time!

Important information-
This game contains third party advertising and cross promotion for other Nitrome games, both which can be removed via a one time In App Purchase.

Turn Undead 2 user reviews :

The game itself is very good and easy to get into although some puzzles are a little infuriating to solve! I paid to get rid of the ads and the ads are still showing! So annoying! When I die I’m still given the option to watch an ad in order to respawn. It’s like the app hasn’t registered my purchase and I am still being given the option to purchase ad free even though I’ve already purchased it! Devs, please fix these because I paid good money and it’s unacceptable! Update : Ok, so I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it again and this time the game recognized I had purchased the ad free option. But still I have to watch an ad after I die if I want to respawn, which is so annoying because that’s how it was before I paid for no ads!! And also the little box at the top of the screen for choosing to buy ad free is still there. Please fix this or I will report you to Google for misleading people who think they are getting ad free when they pay for ad free and don’t get it. If you fix this then I will update my review and give a better score because I do like the game.

The main point I dislike about this game is that most of the times there is only one correct way to get past enemies and complete the level. If you haven’t figured out the right steps you are certain to fail. Furthermore there are no checkpoints and if you happen to die, which happens a lot you can either restart the level or watch 50s of an ad. Sure, you can also buy the game but 5€ is too much in my opinion

This is such a great sequel to an already great game! The first was so challenging and fun and this ups the ante with new mechanics and enemies, even bosses (don’t recall the first having them). Teleporting, quicksand, fire stakes to kill mummies, it’s so fun and cool being a monstrous monster hunter, so why the 4 instead of five? Its So short! It leaves you wanting more like the last game but not for the right reason. Both I believe could do with extra challenges/achievements. Beating a level with least amount of moves, not using the back button in a level, or killing all the creatures in most levels as achievements would really give an extra challenge and replayability. Otherwise it’s the best for puzzler and run n gun platformers alike.

the game play and puzzle solving is excellent. graphics are great. HOWEVER, DO NOT PAY TO REMOVE ADS. IT ONLY REMOVES THE LITTLE NITROME ADS AND NOT THE ONES YOU WATCH TO CONTINUE. To me that’s bad business because its misleading. Also, its super short and definitely not worth $5 because of these two reasons.

I think this is an amazing game, not too hard but not too simple either. (patience is needed). Only thing is that it has only 20 levels which can take two or three days max to finish. If Nitrome updates it and adds new levels it’d be a 5 stars

It’s a great game,at first the controls seem stupid and i was going to complain,but then I played the game further and the controls are actually a BIG part of the game it’s more of a brain teaser then action,BUT:i think there needs to be a quicker way to turn around without moving backword/forward

I lowered my review after I found 3 level breaking bugs. In the first big mummy level you can jump from the ladder to fall on the mummy while she is in the second area, then ride her head across and she won’t teleport to the final area so you basically have to restart if you get there without knowing.

Good game, great puzzles. Those crosses have some genius little solutions. Couldn’t say the action side to it feels 5 stars, but the puzzle side is awesome. One bug is if you fall and hit multiple bats, you need to watch multiple adverts to revive.

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