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Crazy Fox Welcome to Crazy Fox, the wonderful journey of Little Prince and his Fox. Is the adult’s world golden or barren?

Missing flows slowly across the grass like the spring, converges into the stream, and pours into the sea… As long as you keep turning, there will be a hope, and the new world is just ahead. Now, are you ready to conquer the world and to be the Coin King? Let’s go!

Remember to log into the game every day and collect the coins, spins, pet food for free, etc.

What can you do in Crazy Fox?
In Crazy Fox, you will become a brave voyager to build and explore exquisitely designed worlds by winning coins from slots, and enjoy the interest of mischievous interaction with your friends.

Endless Expedition
Build your perfect empire with coins and attack the worlds of the others, plunder and occupy the loot to make it difficult for the others to build their own. In the journey, you have to complete building a planet with coins before moving to the next one. More than 400 different worlds are waiting to be explored their stories

As rich as Croesus
Completing assigned tasks and achievements, spinning the slot machine, attacking enemies, and raiding your friends can earn more coins! Don’t miss! Afraid of being attacked? Use your shields to defend your world or build your world ASAP!

Cards Album
Players will unlock card sets and receive cards once they finish building a planet. When a card set is completed, players will win rewards that help them accelerate game progress.

Collecting cards, completing card sets will get extra rewards and limited souvenirs! Your extra or missing cards can also be exchanged with your friends or other players! Join our official Card Trading group with your friends now:

Be the Focal Point
Players can earn extra spins by inviting their Facebook Friends into the game. They can also send spins, coins and cards to help their friends faster their game progress.
Make friends all over the world! Compete with friends and world players to be the top of the leaderboard! Fair competition, all depending on how you play! Don’t forget to share spins, coins, cards with your friends!

Diversified Events
There are a variety of events in the game. Collect daily bonus in Reward Calendar. Win 50% more cards in Crazy Cards. Upgrade to win more gifts in Crazy Pass etc. Take the little prince to explore the world and discover the mysterious treasures!

Chubby Pets
A variety of cute pets with exclusive skills are waiting for you to adopt! Take them on with your journey, and become helpers on your way to become the Coin King of the world!

Like adventures and have fun with friends? Explore Crazy Fox with the Little Prince now!

Remember to log in with Facebook and follow the fan page, we will release information of new versions, and will occasionally issue redeem codes! Super rewards are waiting for you to collect!

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Crazy Fox user reviews :

Very good package deals and discounts. There are some glitches. One example would be about an hour ago. I had 8 minutes left of the gold guitar so all my coins are doubled or something. I win a coin to spin and win 10 minutes of gold guitar again. It doesn’t add 10 more minutes to the one I had or start when the first one ends. You’re just out on that prize. Crazy enough I happened to win another for 5 minutes right after and didn’t get that prize either. I mean spins can replace anything.

  • Dear Voyager, we apologize for your unpleasant gaming experience. We have reported this to our tech dept for optimization and improvements, hoping to bring you more fun, thanks!

Crazy Fox is fun game and I love it! Just wish I could get gold cards more often to finish sets. Being a very tight budget I unfortunately can’t spend money on games. If I could, this game would be only game I would spend a little on because it’s fun. Thankfully it doesn’t push you to spend money like other games so I enjoy this one a lot!!

Super fun, Crazy Fox gives out A LOT of rewards – even without making in-app purchases. So much more fun than Coin Master! Still my favorite game but for the 1st time I wasn’t given the rewards for completing 2 different sets. And, at the time it said 30% extra rewards would be given. Not the end of the world, but still very disappointing

  • Dear Voyager, we are sorry for causing you any issues. If you are facing any errors or difficulties, kindly contact us in the game (Menu  Setting  Feedback) for assistance, thanks!

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