Mafia Sniper – Go back to the beginning of the XX century

[Game] Mafia Sniper — Wars of Clans

Mafia SniperMafia Sniper game — an exciting stylish action shooter about wars of mafia clans where you can try yourself as a sniper.

Are you ready to go back to the beginning of the XX century and take part in the grand mafia war between clans as a gunfighter? Can you confront street gangs and corrupt authorities? If yes, then our first person shooting Mafia Sniper game is going to challenge your bravery and reaction!

Push back gangsters, corrupt cops and politicians, and get to criminal bosses to seize power in the city. Fulfill murder contracts to destroy whole clans and build your career from an ordinary bandit to a capo, consigliere, and finally Don.

Exciting shootouts and chases, all kinds of rivals: from petty criminals to powerful bosses, and different locations as well as various suits and weapons are waiting for you in this dangerous game mission.

Your arsenal includes a sniper rifle and Thompson submachine gun – use these guns to fight for your clan’s domination. You can also use enhanced shots to increase damage: buckshot, double shot, or blast shock.

You will have to struggle not only in the city locations like streets, dark alleys, roofs, residential districts, but also in more unusual and interesting places: warehouses, industrial areas, parking lots, casinos, suburbs, and even forests.

Always be careful with civilians – if you accidentally kill them, you’ll be punished. As punishment, you will lose some of your money and you’ll be highly wanted! So, more cops and federal agents are going to hunt you down.

In-game shopping offers you a range of perks:
Small & Big First-Aid Kits
Light & Heavy Armor
Talents & Skills: fast recharge, ability to earn more money for murders, additional set of bullets)
Bribes for cops to decrease the Wanted Level

*According to the plot of the game all the cops and politicians are corrupt.

Survive on the streets full of crime and hostility, target and kill your enemies to take control over the city.
Impressive animation and characters, atmospheric music and sound effects will let you dive in these old days of mafia rules.

Work up your courage and start the great confrontation. It will be long and hard… So, win or die!

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Mafia Sniper user reviews :

Message to azur games i absolutely love this game and each and every aspect of it. If you could put an option to turn off the music I’d greatly appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong i like it as much as I like the game but I’d still like the option to turn it off. And one more thing if there’s one suggestion I’ve had ever since I cleared my first contract it’s the option to completely customize your character and while we’re on that subject more clothing options and more characters and more weapons.

  • Hello! We will consider your suggestion the next time we’ll work on updates. Thank you for finding out time and writing us. Stay tuned!

You failed to mention the 5 million ads that come with the game there is an option not to watch the ad but soon as you press it you get an ad uninstall waste of time and freezing ads that take you to play store so a 30 second ad takes a minute and sometimes it just kicks you out of the game no thanks .

Actually pretty fun. Assuming it is still updated I’d really like to see some mobsters and cops fighting sometimes which could be used as a distraction. Eg when there is a standoff and one partys brains are suddenly blown out by a sniper they should really all start shooting eachother.

Awesome game, everything can be acquired, outfits, upgrade points, and in game currency. One downfall that hopefully gets fixed. While aiming occasionally you’ll be aiming at the ground instead of where you were originally aiming, can be very frustrating and causes loss of shield and or life. Fix this bug and will become a 5 star.

  • Hi! Thank you for sharing positive outlook on our game! We’ll check if something might have gone wrong. Please wait for the updates.

FUN TO PLAY GAME. YES, there are Ads, but not that many & not that long. In shop, you can get $500 for each Ad you like and as many as You want to watch. You can make BIG BUCKS for the game ONLY, but it helps with better weapons, clothes, ect ect. REALLY COOL GAME. A MUST TRY, REALLY ITS WORTH IT.

  • Hey! Our team is happy you like the game Contact us info[at] and we will consider your suggestions.

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