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Crazy Manor MatchWelcome to Crazy Manor Match’s world! Help your friend Bertram, tender Doreen and a puppy Colin. Come on, together! You will create a fantastic story here!

Young Bertram once made an appointment with his wife Doreen to travel to a waterfall in far South America. But due to the rush of livelihood, the plan never came to fruition. It wasn’t until the age of 75 that Bertram Sr realized that he could begin to realize his dream.

So he gave Doreen the long trip as a gift, and of course theirs puppy Colin. Finally, a couple and a puppy set off on a long-distance waterfall adventure.

We have thousands of challenging match-3 levels for you to play in the Manor Match! Jump into the levels and play now! Enjoy the sweet puzzles. Each new level comes with free coins, helpful boosters, surprising awards and challenging tasks.

A unique and classic match-3 gameplay and fun levels for both masters and new match-3 players!
Unlock and blast powerful boosters!
Collect loads of coins and special treasures in bonus levels!
Watch out for obstacles on the chest-road, such as birds, bookcase, raw-stone, tapeline, key-chain, vase, safe-box, mailbox and bear.
Open Dream Pass for a chance to win coins, boosters, unlimited life and power-ups!

Puzzle out the adventure journey, aided by your friend Bertram and his family along for the ride and grow together!

Crazy Manor Match is FREE TO PLAY. If you encounter level problems, in-game purchase items are also recommended to help to pass levels.

The new match-3 puzzle game, developed by Dream2Fun team. Sincerely hope that you’ll like it! We are working hard to perfecting it, if there is any bugs in running game or any suggestion about the game, please don’t hesitate to contact us at comment[at]

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Crazy Manor Match user reviews :

Just installed this game this morning. I like how there are very limited ads and the opportunity to get coins is more generous than the others I have played. Great graphics!

Very pleasant, good gaming smooth, still the best! After Months of Playing. Still the best.

Great graphics, wonderful game play, powerful boosters. Loving it so far!

You actually get free power ups. They’re not constantly trying to get you buy something.

Like that you get more rewards than your other games. Fun game so far.

Love playing this game. Have a thought though.. would be amazing if there was a option to go back 1 move, for when a move is done but then a better move is noticed or if there is only 1 move left and not noticed, could use the back option and then use one of the extras to finish the level.. some of them take many many times to pass and then it usually has a super hard level right after. Anyhow its just a thought…

It’s a good game but the ads go on and on some ads take you out of the game and onto Google play and some ads have 3 phases you have to click on Various x’s in arrows to get off the ad Some of the ads have more then one in each ad showing you 1of2 or 1 of 3 .I wouldn’t spend any money on this game ,to many ads Also when you spend coins during game play does not add correctly I had 5,000 spent 1,900 it says I only have 343 left well 5,000 – 1,900 is 3,100 people.. in any country .

This is fun! There are ads but, you get rewarded for watching. I’m getting hooked. Will let you know if that changes!

Pay to Play game. On level like 142 and this game is Very Difficult!!. I play Toy and Toon blast. I’m in both legions and Champions League. No ads with either game. Ads are tolerable with this game but ignoring at time’s. I would have rated this game higher but also to many flaws. Worst one is when You try to set something off, it usually goes the opposite way. I’ll play it a little longer, but I don’t see that happening for to long. Goodluck with Your game Guy’s..

One of the best match games I have played; very generous.

It’s a fun game and the only thing I’ve paid for is to remove the ads. Unfortunately there’s no way to contact support if there’s a glitch. I just played the bonus level to get extra coins and I was cheated out of the actual amt that I should’ve received. After my last moved I watched to see how many other coins I’d get with the boosters still on the level. I watched my coins go from 389 to 402 and back down to 390 which was the amt of coins I got. Glitch or cheat not want to pay more coins?

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