Crazy Rich Man – Becoming a tycoon by your own Strategy

[Game] Crazy Rich Man – Sim Boss

Crazy Rich ManCrazy Rich Man is an exciting RPG Strategy game.

You can experience the whole process from entrepreneurship to becoming a tycoon by your own Strategy .

To become a true owner of a business empire, you need to do a lot of things.
recruiting and training staff
acquiring business rivals
winning in a trade strategy war
keep an eye on the stock market to avoid risks

Besides, you can also have fun in social activity
Dating with beauties, Sim Car Race, Raising children, Throw a party with other players.

Game Features

Recruit & Upgrade Staff
Hire and upgrade famous staff, beauties and celebrities worldwide to grow your enterprise
As they get stronger, your business empire will become more powerful which helps you triumph in the trade war.

Dating beauties
You will have the opportunity to date with all kinds of beauties, pass their test and finally win their hearts; they will also make your business kingdom much stronger!

Trade war
The game simulates trade war; Use your strategy to compete with other players, win this competition to be a commercial emperor.

Raise Children
You can also adopt children, nurture them to grow into an adult. And then you can ask them to help expand the scale of your kingdom.

Fight with Chamber of Commerce
Join or create a powerful Chamber yourself, you will develop with other players and experience the fun and joy of team work.

Financial Crisis
You need to work with all players to overcome the global financial crisis and make your financial kingdom develop into a solid foundation.

Come “Crazy Rich Man” and be the king for your financial empire!

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Crazy Rich Man user reviews :

It’s a really fun game and not super P2W,although it is for sure pay to accelerate. The overall amount of things to do is plentiful,I find I dont have enough time to devote to it. The only real downfall is the voice acting is super cringey and there are lots of minor funny spelling errors,and theres a huge time sink needed to get to a lot of the good stuff.

This game is good only in the beginning. For free players, this game is not recommended, because this game is pay to win. Every time there are new events, it’s always about top up and spending real money. Even costumes for players and belles can only be obtained using real money. So it is impossible for free players to get costumes. Even I play this game just to pass time and for belles.

Previously gave a 5 stars cos the game keeps prompting me to review. But now that I’ve uninstalled, let’s look at things in perspective. Game is generally fun for a short while but gets repetitive fast. Merger and Acquisitions just depends on the combat power of your team, not much strategy involved. Many mechanics are just pure button smashing. Chamber of Commerce (guilds) are a redundant function. Game keeps prompting you to spend to upgrade account VIP status.

Very repetitive and getting ridiculous. We keep seing the same faces with different names. Tell me, where are the faces and models from advertisement? Why a lot of them isn’t in the game? You create them already so why not just use all of it as in-game characters? Especially graphic experience (read: sexy belles) is all the developer offers. Just go all in!

Actually very fun, requires some spending to truly enjoy. Whaling is not encouraged due to poor diamond=dollar ratio, only special packs are worth it. As many other games of this genre, it’s pretty simple but actually taking a spin and making it about business is quite uplifting. The entire game, it’s music, money everywhere is very uplifting and gives a positive vibe. It gets very repetitive after 1 week but it’s still worth playing and socializing because it’s so uplifting!

The game is quite interesting with such nice story inside it, it really left me baffled upon how good the plot is. The thing is, i’m a girl, and I don’t really like it when I only have female belle instead of the male one. I do like the Taylor Swift Character here, but in the next update can you add some male consort too? And if you can, please made the male consort from the famous artist or something like that—e.g. Kim Taehyung :p lol. Overall it’s a really good game.

The game is somewhat fun if quite P2W, but the support team is next to non-existent. If there are any bugs for example we have few avenues to report them, and they are largely completely ignored. Even an “apologies, we have read your report and are working on it but we are currently busy” would have been welcome. At least then we know that they’ve read our feedback and are working on a fix. But not even a single reply.

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