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[Game] Earth Inc – Tycoon Idle Miner

Earth IncBecome the CEO of Earth Inc. and grow into the mining tycoon you were always meant to be! Ever wanted to own the biggest idle mining company on the planet? Dig down to the core, discover unique treasures and gold, and get rich in this idle mining simulator!

Earth Inc. features:

You will take control of a small idle mining company like in other mining tycoon games. But just in our idle money game, you can turn it into a multi galactic mega conglomerate!
Idle and get rich even while sleeping! Earn money even when you’re not playing idle game.
Hire millions of workers and build your business tower to the sky.
Make money across all continents. This idle world is your playground.
Environmental damage! Don’t mix ecologics with your economics, and keep stacking up that cash no matter the cost. You can even destroy Earth!

Become a true gold miner and manage different resources, such as coal and gold.
Upgrade your mine and achieve infinite incremental idle profits.
Tap and destroy everything the mine throws at you. Coal, gold, diamonds, and ancient artifacts. Don’t hesitate, just keep tapping as in other mining simulator games.
Automate your clicker process, by hiring a variety of unique autominers. Don’t forget to level them up!
Collect all manager cards, and watch your idle profits skyrocket.

Earth’s resources are limited, but our economic growth must be infinite! Move your business to different planets and discover hundreds of randomly generated galaxies.
Gain galactic knowledge to multiply your profits, and become the richest trillionaire mining tycoon in the whole universe!
Take control of the whole cosmos in this incremental idle clicker game. Are you ready for an adventure, capitalist?

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be an industrial tycoon, Earth Inc. Tycoon Idle Miner is the game you’ve been looking for. This idle game is all about making smart cash investments to build your empire, managing workers, and automating a workflow so you can sit back and watch the cash roll in. Idle games and tycoon games are quite addictive, making you crave higher profits, so choose carefully which idle miner to play!

Earth Inc. is a clicker game that is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. Earth Inc. Tycoon Idle Miner is an idle clicker game where you develop your biggest mining empire! Idle away as your miners work for you, giving you money you’ve never seen before!

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Earth Inc user reviews :

They made a decent game, with not many forced ads. However, after just an hour of playing(while using an autoclicker) I hit a progress paywall. Not a direct one, but one that makes it entirely unfeasible to play without paying. This game is a time waster, and not the good kind.

Good game at its core, but multiple little gameplay nuances like timing buying your upgrades based off when an ad-balloon will float by, potentially dropping a bonus to give you 50% off all upgrades for 60 seconds, end up detracting from the overall experience.

Glad the hardworking dev is still making some really big updates for the game. I like the new 3.0 gameplay update with the new events. I do still wish that there were some changes that would help late-stage game players as we’re still stuck at level 47-48k on the main game. I feel like the rewards from the events, even if you get rank 1 will have little effect for those of us who can’t past level 48k.

Was hoping to be able to go back and max out planets for extra benefits. Instead, it’s the typical gameplay – reach an arbitrary amount on one world, start over on a new world with a few carryovers, and a higher amount to reach to move to the next world. Honestly, you’ll probably feel like you’ve played this game multiple times before. It has a few amusing visuals, but not enough to stay engaged.

I never knew mining worlds for their natural resources and causing global warming could be so fun. The humor and animation style is always eye catching and I rarely get bored. Progression after a while is slow when you get to high levels, especially if you don’t want to watch (optional) ads but once you move planets it goes crazy fast. It takes a lot of patience but it’s honestly worth your time and storage. Also a great conversation starter

Really enjoying this game, I especially like how the devs are not forcing ads on you by displaying them on the screen or making you watch ads, all of the ads are your choice to watch which you get ingame rewards for

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