Critical Strike CS – Are you ready to strike counter enemies

[Game] Critical Strike CS – Counter Terrorist Online FPS

Critical Strike CS  Critical Strike is a fast-paced modern multiplayer FPS counter terrorist game.

Are you a fan of the good old counter terrorists battles? Here is some news for you: There is the best 3D First Person Shooter in real-time.

Take the part in the vanguard at the battlefield of Critical Strike!

Play with friends or other players, you will love the shooting experience on your mobile device! It is FREE to play !
Compete with people around the world and show your skills.


AAA quality modern graphics with easy controls!
Small size
6 maps to try different tactics!
25 Weapons: guns, pistols, snipers, automatic rifles, shotguns, grenades!
5 combat game modes to play with your friends and worldwide players!
Perfect optimization even for weak devices!


Team Deathmatch  Team vs Team battle (counter terrorist VS terrorist team)
Free for all  It’s kill or be killed. Kill the other players as many times as you can.
Defuse the Bob  Terrorist team plant the bomb. Counter team defuse the bomb.
Private room  Call your friends to play together in same room.
Custom Match  Create your own games (create any game maps/rules)


Chat with your friends and other players
Great 3D graphics and sound, so perfectly adapted for New Action Games.
Up to 5vs5 multiplayer online PvP battle mode, fair fight!
Use less mobile data in real-time matches.
TOP 10 Online PvP FPS gun game!
Many teams for counter (SWAT,GIGN,Spetsnaz,Seal…)
Many teams for terrorist (Anarchist,Gangster,Balkans…)

This year’s best graphics 3D First Person Shooter experience will make you spend your time playing Critical Strike!
If you are dead don’t forget where you get hit for counter attack get your revenge!
Join the competitive combat in the most skill-based portable FPS!
If you always wanted to play a great multiplayer shooter on your mobile device, your dreams are now true!
You can enjoy the improved graphics and enticing sound effects of this free online games!
Are you ready to strike counter enemies?
Awesome Multiplayer FPS CS game GO!
First person shooter and multiplayer shooting game made with Unity to optimize online FPS gun experience.
Regular game updates and new elements are waiting for you!
Download now and join the Critical Strike community!

Critical Strike CS user reviews :

It is a nice game, but could have been a lot better if there were no glitches. I have played it for a week now and following need to be fixed. 1. Map called india fails to load, even after 100% loading. 2. A glitch were some players dont move the whole game but can shoot through walls. 3. Upgrades are too expensive, you would have to play for weeks before your next upgrade 4. Non-skipping ads, i understand the ads and revenue but if you have ads, upgrades shouldn’t be that expensive.

I really like this game, though there is a lot of hate in the chat going on, and when I defended myself I got reported and a ban, it seems anyone can push the report butgon and you get a ban, as I only have back what I was given for no reason at all, anyway as I said , it’s addictive, but I really don’t understand the skin collecting jigsaw thing, I think an explanation of how the principles of the game works should be on there somewhere, I know it’s a shooter up, but confusing a bit to me

Good game. Just small minors, such as Internet unconnection(not true) noisy reminder and suddenly changing a weapon after dead during the game(every time necessary check it). Also a lot of weapon skin with the same damage increase(will be better to have a range +10/15/20/25/30). Besides above everything looks very good and fascinatingly.

I’ve been playing this game for two weeks.I dont really have a problem with the game.Its really fun to play.You know the only thing they need to add to the game is a VOTE KICK system. I see hackers in the game they do a one shot kill in the leg. That’s all they really need to add to the game.

Good game to play very accurate and responsive you can shoot in the head with one bullet from miles away.Also you can pickup weapons from the deseased and use them along the way.I’ve seen better graphics but so much fun to play.One thing l find a little annoying it takes quite a few bullets in the body to kill but thats quite common with these types of games.

Giving 5 Star because game is great but you guys need to work on some issues. 1 it takes a lot of time to find a game 2 I am using Airtel Fiber which is 100mbps and it shows no connection randomly. Fix these points asap before It start irritating

Latest Update :

Winter Warfare Season is here
3 new characters and special weapons
New Helmet, Armor, Boot and Consumables
New Feature: Daily Spin
Blue Wolf & Dark Frost Skin collection
Bug fixes
Don’t miss the new offers during the Winter Warfare Season!
We are ready to make your game experience even better! Enjoy it!

Contact developer :


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