Major Militia – Battle your way through hordes of enemies

[Game] Major Militia – War Mayhem

Major MilitiaSave the world by completing intense missions and become the ultimate action hero in Major Militia! Dodge the bullets, rescue hostages, and travel around the world to protect it from Evil Forces!

Run and gun your way by shooting enemies and embark on a gun shooting action you will never forget!

Run and gun in this fast paced 2d shooter action game.
Massive and major Guns.
Battle your way through hordes of enemies!
Thrilling music to enhance the action!
Big Boss Battles!
Save Hostages!
Fun arcade action gameplay.

Be a metal shooter and take over the villains with major guns in this arcade action game and save the future of this World!

In this classic 2d shooter action, complete all the epic adventures and have massive boss battles with simple aim and shoot controls!

Download Major Militia – War Mayhem and have fun in this Gun Shooting action!

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Major Militia user reviews :

Though this particular version I haven’t started yet but I have been playing the old versions, so trust me this one is going to be awesome because the old ones were great.

  • Hello Efo Goldberg, Thank you for downloading our game. Do give it a try and share your review with us. We are sure you will love this version too.

This game is Nice problem is lot of advertisement make game become boring

  • Hello Ramalata Mashudu, We’re happy that you are having fun playing our game, Thank you. We are sorry that you did not like the experience with ads. You can skip the ads with a cross button which appears after 5 seconds.

Amazing game with hands down one of the best run and gun shooting action! Great graphics, addictive gameplay, and smooth controls, simply aim and shoot enemies with such unique weapons. One of the best parts, you can change guns in the middle of a level through pick-ups. And there are some great power-ups too such as Airstrike, slow-mo, etc which are helpful as well as pretty cool. This action packed game surely has a perfect balance of difficulty and simplicity, please add more levels!!

  • Hello Juhi, We’re happy that you liked our game and thanks a lot for your feedback. This keeps us motivated

As advertised (which is nice nowadays) a run-n-gun romp! Fantastic graphics. Great sound effects. Smooth, easy to conquer controls. You don’t have to try and watch the action while operating the controls. Fully Intuitive! Give it a go! Oh yeah, won’t take up half your ram just to play, has a relatively small digital footprint. So D/L and get to it!

  • Hello Jacob, Thank you for playing our game and sharing your wonderful feedback with us! We appreciate it a lot.

Quite a different game to play, the graphics look pretty good and the gameplay is fun and interesting. Different cool guns to choose from with some fun effects. Airstrike looks amazing! The bosses are designed well and quite interesting at times, would love to play more levels of the game. Definitely a nice game to play and enjoy! The levels look quite realistic and are refreshing, the action is on point and exciting to play.

  • Hello Milford, We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting games

Amazing!! Completed the game in 1 hour. I request you to add an endless mode in which unlimited enemies come map by map. Means when we clear one map, another one starts with different map, and this goes on in a loop for infinity. Then this game would be amazing. Good Luck Rendered Ideas. You always make wonderful games.

  • Hello, Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend it to our team.

While it’s a fun game! It’s not really an offline game? Coz once you’ve finished the first level, offline, you can’t play the next level unless you connect again and load the next level and every level after that, so I’m not happy about that!

  • Hello John, Game requires internet connection only to download levels. All levels are free to download and this keeps game size less when you download upfront and also this way we can fix level issues faster.

Wow very nice game. I like you major militia. graphics enemy all good. I have gave your all game 5 star. because I like very much Rendered ideas game. one problem boss is very easy. Any way. I request only for (jungle Adventures 3) this is one of the best jungle Adventures I like your all jungle Adventures part I only recommends you please update more world and nature levels

  • Hello Dabalu, Thank you very much for your feedback. Also, thank you for your support, your support keeps our team motivated. We wish to inform you that we will work on making the levels hard, have a nice day.

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