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CrossCraze  CrossCraze is a fun, modern twist on the classic word game, designed for players who prefer the solo challenge of an offline computer opponent. Plus, now you can play in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian.

Board sizes range from the standard 15×15 squares up to 21×21.

Change the board’s appearance to suit your taste. You can even customize the screen colours.

Choose from “Classic” mode, where new letters must link to existing words (e.g. change “rabble” to “scrabble”), and “Tile Stacking” mode, where new tiles can also be dropped over old ones (e.g. “scrabble” becomes “scramble”).

Frustrated by the cheating found in online word games, with so many players using puzzle solvers and in-app purchases for an unfair advantage? Tired of waiting for your friends to make their move? CrossCraze’s single player “solitaire” mode lets you choose a computer opponent to match your own skill level. The super-smart AI never takes more than a moment to think, never abandons a game before the end, and never sends you inappropriate messages. How refreshing!

CrossCraze’s tournament-standard vocabularies cover almost 5 million words. View English and French dictionary definitions with a swipe of your finger.

Want to play names, or other words that aren’t usually allowed? The “flexible vocabulary” option lets you override the default word list. You can even challenge the computer’s moves.

CrossCraze is a pleasure to play, with quick, accurate tile placement. See your words validated and scored instantly as you build them.

Don’t scrabble in the dark. CrossCraze’s unique hint system will find you the best word. Allow yourself as many or as few hints per game as you like. CrossCraze can spell out the full word, or just show you where to look.

Automatic rack sorting lets you order your letters alphabetically, or split them into vowels and consonants. Alternatively, scramble your rack with a simple double-tap.

CrossCraze is a great educational tool for both children and adults. Boggle your brain, master your spelling, expand your vocabulary, or even practice a foreign language. Plus, it’s an excellent training aid for fans of anagrams, crossword puzzles and other classic word building board games. So impress your chums and begin your journey from amateur champ to tournament word master today.

CrossCraze FREE provides the core features of the game. It is paid for by minimal, non-intrusive advertising, so you can play without distractions. There are no expensive in-app purchases, and no privacy-invading permissions. Upgrade to CrossCraze PRO for the full range of features, 100% ad-free.

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CrossCraze user reviews :

Really do like this game. It’s much more flexible an adaptable than other apps I’ve tried. Love playing against the Droid. Winning gets more difficult as you increase the Droid level.

Love this game!!!! You can make it as challenging as you’d like…different options, different boards, never gets old. Thanks, devs…great job!

Love playing against a smart computer loaded with a very wide ranging dictionary. Ads are not intrusive. I am having a ball playing level 5. I like being able to swipe across a word to learn its meaning, and being able to review the game words and scores when the game is over. BEST scrabble game I have played.
  • ORT Software
  • Hi Judy, thanks for the great review.

I’ve tried a lot of Scrabble-type word games and this is the best by far. If you are a ‘word’ person who just wants to play a nice word game, this is it. The game ‘learns’ at your vocabulary level thus keeping it interesting. I was surprised there were some common words that were not in its dictionary, but they were easily added. I’ve played this off and on for a few years and have had no problems with loading, etc. I think you’ll enjoy it.

I loved this game. Played a lot. No ads or few. Challenging. etc Now there’s ads before a move, after a move then when you get back to the game, guess what??  THAT’S RIGHT. ANOTHER AD… Now you’re a third rate game loaded with ads. Few ads ok, you’re LOADED WITH ADS. I INSTALLING.
  • ORT Software
  • Hi Jodee, the amount of ads hasn’t changed. There are never ads between moves. They only show when you enter or leave the game. Best wishes, The Developer

I have been playing this game for awhile close to a year..and i love this game. I play it of an evening while watching tv or when i go to appointments, when i have to sit and wait, it helps to pasd the time. I love the challenge of playing this game. I recommend it to others.

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