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[Game] Crypto Fox – Get Token & NFT

Crypto FoxMerge Fox and Get Token – an exciting idle merge game that allows you use foxes eggs to merge fox and create over 100 unique fox species while earning token and coins as they progress.

In this game, you embark on a thrilling journey to discover new worlds, complete daily objectives, and earn NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) rewards in game mode “Bingo”.

Game mode “Bingo”
Open capsules, collect NFT cards!
Collect NFT cards and test your luck!

The mission of the project is to create a bridge between the game economy and the real world.

By connecting the game economy with the blockchain, we give to the players more value.

Now game currency and crypto game assets are real.

Daily Quests.
One of the key features of Merge Foxes is the daily quests that players can complete to earn even more tokens. Daily quests give token LIS and coins as they can be used to unlock new features.

Get Coins Offline!
Earnings stop 24 hours after you quit the merge games that pay. You receive income even when you sleep to progress both online and offline, making merge and get token with Fox a highly engaging game in the idle merge game category.

Daily Capsules.
Get free capsules with valuable items every day. Daily capsules with valuable items, including NFT cards, LIS token and unique features.

Discover Thrilling Worlds!
Open new levels by idle game merging foxes. Each new world opens up more opportunities for you to earn token and progress through the game. Make your fox earn more coins in the every new world!

Regular updates with new content.
Play idle game with pleasure is an ever-evolving game with regular updates that introduce new content, including new foxes, islands, and mechanics. We are committed to providing an engaging and enjoyable experience for players.
New foxes, new islands and mechanics, stay tuned for updates and news in our telegram channel:

The Realis native token LIS is an analogue of hard currency in traditional mobile crypto games. Through the NFT, we connect the in-game and on-chain economies and build a flexible system for the redistribution of funds.

Crypto Fox user reviews :

Update -Fun relaxing game. My only issue is upon leveling up the rewards are too low to be useful. I am in the aj’s for money about to be in ai, and when I level up Inam rewarded with af. That is not at all what I speaking of. Don’t care about the “valuable” cryptocurrency. and .0124 cents isn’t valuable. I was writing on leveling up for the coin rewards for buying foxes. It doesn’t work right. I am earning 366,000 ai/sec and getting an af coin reward, which is nothing at current earnings.

  • First of all Crypto Foxes is an interesting game. But at the same time, we enable our users to receive valuable currency. This is how we introduce web 2 users to the web 3 world.

I would happily change to 5 stars but until my issue is resolved i give it 2 because I GOT SCREWED! I placed 6th place in the weekly tournament, which means I was supposed to have won 7 days of gold membership, which I never received! So I wasted HUNDREDS of LIS for nothing! I placed in the top 10 on crypto dragons and got the gold membership, but not on foxes! Theres no customer support and they never respont to support on discord either. Smh

Absolutely fantastic I didn’t even need to ask to withdraw once I leveled up a few times it showed me with a step by step demonstration. Amazing love it. Highly recommended

  • Thank you so much for your 5-star rating! We really appreciate it, and we have a lot of things to bring that will our players enjoy!

It’s actually super fun // addicting, also makes me anxious till I can merge my next fox’s! Plus you can actually withdraw unlike loads of other apps, the only issue for me is how confusing it is to get the correct kind of wallet to withdraw to and then somehow figure out how to switch that to USD… That’s the only part I don’t get really…

  • Thank you for your kind feedback! If you have any ideas for our games, please let us know and we may pitch them to our developers and might be applied in the future updates!

I love the entire network of games and exchange you guys did an excellent job am looking forward to joining the leaderboards soon. To the developers and team.

  • Thank you so much for your 5-star rating! Make sure to tell your friends about this crypto game

Highly addictive be warned lmao. All the menus are very fluid and I get stuck in this game for hours at a time sometimes lol

  • Thank you so much for your 5-star rating! Make sure to tell your friends about this crypto game!

So much fun! Realis Network has several merge games, all of which are entertaining, easy and fun to play. All of these games are a bridge from traditional mobile gaming into the world of blockchain and Play-to-earn. Earn real Cryptocurrency, learn how to open your first wallet and enjoy!

  • Thanks for your feedback. We really want to show web 2 users all the advantages of the web 3 world in our games

Game play is fine. But don’t expect to earn crypto here. The packs don’t pay for themselves, let alone help you rise to the next level

  • First of all CryptoFox is an interesting game. But at the same time, we enable our users to receive valuable currency. This is how we introduce web 2 users to the web 3 world.

Absolutely the best was sad to see 35 fox go he is so mushy great graphics u could literally feel how soft he was when I say go when u go to the higher levels

  • Our players are the best! Thanks for your rating

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