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Bingo HomeBingo? Renovation? Mystery? Romance? YES! Bingo Home Design is all this and so much more.

When you return to your hometown, you discover that your best friend is missing and the town is full of mysterious X marks. The whole town seems to be filled with unsolved mysteries. You don’t miss any clues and solve one puzzle after another, searching for your best friend. Renovate and design your home, using your own design talents to rejuvenate the old and dilapidated houses in your hometown.

Play enjoyable Bingo games and experience a fantastic gaming experience. In addition to the classic Bingo gameplay, there are also various fun and interesting special Bingo gameplay that will keep your Bingo games never boring and repetitive every day.Take a break and enjoy this bingo game enriched with a beautiful mystery story! Start your home design now.

Classic Bingo Game
To accomplish your home design ideas, you’ll need to play bingo games that offer endless amusement.
Multiple card play: Play up to 4 free bingo cards at the same time!
Multiple Bingos: Win up to 5 Bingos on each card, including a magic cube Bingo!
Power up your Bingo: Activate Super power-up and use another 7 types of power-up to make your online free Bingo much easier and win bigger bingo wins!

Riveting Storytelling
Missing ladybro: Come home and find the ladybro missing. You have to find her and make sure that she is safe.
Love drama: Meet your childhood sweetheart. The sparks of love start at any minute.
Mysterious X-man: Why is X mark everywhere in the town? Who is this X-man?
Hometown with secrets: This is your hometown, but you have discovered that it hides so many secrets.

Renovate your Home
Your home is in your hands, you just need to design it as you like.
Home design: Become an excellent home designer and create your own unique rooms.
Not only one room: Various rooms await your renovation and design, making every room in your hometown filled with your unique designs.Design your home with dozens of customization options in Bingo Home Design!

Free Daily Bonus
Login Bonus: Free bingo coins and free powerups everyday in Bingo Home Design!
Lucky Capsule: Once an hour and win up to 10k+ bingo coins for free!
Fortune Wheel: Spin the wheel everyday and win free bingo coins!

Special Bingo Games
Besides the classic bingo themes, Bingo Home Design has special bingo themes, and all the special bingo themes are free to play! In each theme room, players can experience diverse bingo games and play up to 4 bingo cards.

You can join in real-time bingo tournaments with bingo players around the world. There is the bingo rank after each bingo tournament. There will be more bingo rewards as players climb to the top of the bingo leaderboards. Download and compete in free bingo games.

Bingo Topia
Its’ the card collection after bingo games. Play bingo games, open packs, get cards and complete the collection to win huge prizes for free. There are also free mini spin games to win a free bingo bonus.

Pass & Task
Task: There are daily tasks and weekly tasks. Complete them by playing free Bingo games and win more free rewards, including bingo coins, power-ups and pass points.
Pass: Get pass points by completing tasks, level up the pass and win free rewards on every level. Subscribe premium pass and enjoy exclusive perks.

Bingo games belongs to board games, card games, casino games, or casual games. Bingo Home Design is a free bingo games to play. It makes you play free bingo games at home. With both classic 75-ball bingo games and special pop bingo games.

Bingo Home Design is not just a simple game, it is a combination of bingo and decoration games, where you can enjoy double the fun and a two-in-one gaming experience.

Please note
Bingo Home Design is a free bingo games to play, but you can make in-app purchases with real money.
Bingo Home Design does not offer ‘real money gambling’ or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

Bingo Home user reviews :

Fun and interesting story, but the English is rather poor(I suggest having a native English speaker proof read the story as some of it was rather confusing) and you can’t download the other boards even when connected to wifi, 5g and 4g. There should be an option to queue up the download for other boards either while you play or while doing something else.

  • Thanks for your feedback! We deeply respect your advice, and we will try to combine your feedback with our R&D, in order to provide better products.

This game is amazing and fun! Not very many ads, and I love the story. The bingo part is really addictive and fun, and I love designing games. Coins are very easy to get without paying and you win almost every time. 10/10!

Update: I’ve now found the tournament and I like the game so much better. The admin are doing a great job and respond quickly. You have a fan here : ) It runs smoothly. The things I don’t like about it are You can pay for a monthly subscription, nope. You don’t appear to play against other players and I haven’t found a leader board yet. It is fun though. A few simple changes and I would give it 5 star. I will add that I’m only level 7 so more things could be unlocked later on.

  • Hi there, thanks for your feedback. You will get the leaderboard when you level up. Have a nice day.

I do like this game. But a couple issues: the non-traditional games are confusing because there’s no guidance on how to play them. The other issue is that when we bet to play and bingo we don’t gain money. Should be getting back what we bet plus some fir winning. Otherwise it’d be a 5 star game.

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.

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