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[Game] Cubic Clash – Tower Defense

Cubic Clash  Cubic Clash is a fast-paced, highly randomized tower defense game that features both PVP and PVE modes.

Features awesome characters and a great soundtrack.

Features tower defense gameplay, cube collection, random spawns from a pre-selected lineup, and merging to upgrade cubes in combat.
In addition to Versus and Co-Op modes, there are a variety of other modes available.
Each match lasts for an average of 3 minutes and features rewarding, satisfying gameplay.

A wide variety of cubes are available to be unlocked and leveled up. Use powerful cube skills in combat and put together a formidable lineup to dominate the battle! Collect cube skins and map backgrounds to stand out from the crowd.

A Variety of PVP and PVE Modes
Versus (PVP): A head-to-head battle that starts automatically when players first open the game. At the start of the battle, monsters appear at the starting points of both players’ lanes. To prevent the monsters from advancing, players have to summon and merge Cubes, improving their attack power and control effects. Only one player will have the last laugh!

Super Skirmish (PVP): A fun PVP mode with a new feature – Supers. Each Super has a unique effect and a prime opportunity to use it, adding to the fun of combat.

Training (PVE): The training ground for new players. Here players can choose from any of the cubes in the current version to practice combat and get familiar with the characteristics and strengths of the different cubes available.

Team Co-Op (PVE): A two-player co-op mode with no time limit. 10 monsters spawn on each side every round and a Boss spawns on each side after 10 rounds. Team up with a friend or a randomly matched player and climb your way to the top.

Guardian Realm (PVE): During certain events, the shared cuboid will be replaced with a Guardian: either Tempest or Arte. Use cube and guardian skills to your advantage, upgrade the guardian and defeat all monsters on the battlefield.

Reach the top of the leaderboard and become a legend!

Unlocks when the player has one Mythic cube, two Epic cubes, and three Lv6 Elite cubes.
Winners are awarded trophies, whereas losers will have trophies deducted.
Unlock and Level Up Cubes
You can get a variety of different cubes from events, quests, battles, or via the shop. Level up cubes to increase their strength. Collect different cube skins to make yourself stand out from the crowd in battle.

Battle Season – Gear Up!

Ladder Season opens every 14 days and includes 3 stages: early season, mid-season, and late season. During events, players can earn special rewards when they are victorious.

Activity Season Mutants are here – extra content for activity season, Activity Tournament. During the event, the Activity Medal upper limit is increased. For a specified period, rewards are doubled.

Novice Carnival – Protect the Ancient Cuboid
Log in and complete quests to get boxes, gold, diamonds, Ancient Shards, and Ancient Crystals!
Use Ancient Shards and Ancient Crystals to get various items from Marvelo’s Shop.

More Features and Events
There is a lot more content to look forward to, including new cubes, new skins, new map backgrounds, new features, and new events!

Game Features:

Real-time PVP combat against players around the world
Fun, upbeat atmosphere, and fast-paced combat
Unlock and collect rare cubes, put together a formidable lineup
New events and new modes available each day
Go it alone or team up with friends, both are a blast!
Aim for the top of the leaderboard- Unlock different skins and map backgrounds to stand out from the crowd.

Cubic Clash user reviews :

Not a bad game to pass time and that’s it…. pvp is a waste of time there is no structure. You may win a couple of games then forget about it. The rewards are ridiculous few and far to achieve anything. Co-op is the only fun factor to play in this game. Glitches in game play then it sorts out to late you lost the game. There are better versions of this game out there…..

If I could give negative stars, I would. I maxed out the season pass, so I stopped getting points for it, which would have been fine, except I kept getting quests to earn those points. I opened a ticket a literal month ago where they kept asking for more proof, which I supplied. A week would go by without reply, so I’d ask for updates, and they told me they would update me when they had information. TWO WEEKS passed, then they just closed my ticket without resolution.

You can be lvl 5 and vs a lvl 30+. You haft to pay ridiculous amounts of real money for just one loot box that doesn’t guarantee the dice you want. One of the worst pay to wins I’ve seen in a long time. We thought clash royal was bad but this takes the cake. Please don’t download this game. Oh also when you review their app and they don’t like the star you gave them they will delete the review you made. Definitely a one star game no question about it.

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Game Removed from Play Store

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