Mythic Legends – Lead a team of Champions to victory

[Game] Mythic Legends

Mythic Legends  Knights, sorcerers, assassins, beastmasters and other Champions come together to clash in the arena.

Among them are LEGENDS – the most experienced, skilled, and powerful warriors the empire has ever seen. They will help you lead a team of Champions to victory in this epic RPG strategy game!

Mythic Battles
Watch hordes of Champions clash in the arena. Mages casting dark spells, monster demons wielding deadly blades, assassins lurking quietly on the edges of the arena…

Mighty Legends
The stronger the Legend, the more powerful the team in the arena. Choose your Legends wisely and level them up as often as you can.

Heroic Champions
Champions come from different classes and origins. Every Champion has a unique ability and seeing them clash in the arena is a mythic sight you won’t forget!

Epic Tournaments
Compete in Classic Tournaments to have the last Legend standing, play the Gauntlet Tournament to beat your opponents one by one, and unlock Ranked Mode to win trophies, climb the ranks and earn your place on the Mythic Leaderboard!

Constant Progression and Rewards
Unlock new Champions and special artifacts to use after every battle, and receive a brand new chest of rewards after every tournament. Reach new Arenas like Lost Jungle, Lava Rivers and Shadow Realm to access new origins and classes.

Plan your Strategy
Plan the perfect strategy as your army grows. Soon you’ll see sorcerers clash with priests, monster vs monster duells, demons charging at dragons and much, much more!

Unforgettable Experiences
Visually striking Champions belong to distinctive classes and origins. Witness their power and see synergies paired perfectly for extraordinary results.

An RPG for Everyone
Battles are timed to create the perfect strategy RPG feel. We take care of the details so you can concentrate on planning the right RPG strategy to win!

Challenges and Events
Play daily challenges with special conditions to earn additional rewards, and fight off enemies in the brand new Incursion event.

Mythic Legends, the brand new RPG Strategy Game.
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Mythic Legends user reviews :

nice autochess game. more improvements required, like more tournament types, friends and chat, more quests and rewards, etc. good luck dev! p.s.: don’t make it pay to play/pay to win.
  • Hyper Dot Studios Limited
  • Thank you so much for your support. We’re really happy to know you liked our game!
fun game, easy way to win every battle and the game is to NOT upgrade anything except the commanders so you can carry more heroes, keep all heroes at lvl 1, the enemies are bots and match your star level, so 8 lvl1 heroes will always win against 2/3 lvl4 heroes. i only use archers and swordsmen and have 100% win ratio
  • Hyper Dot Studios Limited
  • Hey! Thanks for the positive review and rating, and please know that your opponents are not bots, the game uses asynchronous multiplayer. which means that everyone you see in the game is a normal player. Also thank you for the feedback about the game overall :) We appreciate it!
Way too many problems to start enjoying But the most annoying one was when assassin’s jump behind enemy the tanks start focusing on them instead of fighting my tanks , useless class First tournaments are nice but after you hit 300 and you unlock all kind of characters you get destroyed . It’s a No from me sorry
  • Hyper Dot Studios Limited
  • Thank you for your review, Gaby. We are sorry to hear about your experience with the game. Our team is working on improving the current balance of the game. Your feedback is much appreciated, and rest assured that this will be relayed to the team for consideration
5 nice game, timekiller, good graphics, lots of champs, free grinding is a lil bit easier because they pumped up a lil bit the numbers of cards you get for playing.
  • Hyper Dot Studios Limited
  • Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Making in-game purchases lets you obtain certain items faster, but it doesn’t essentially advantage anyone when it comes to the battle outcome. However, your feedback is greatly appreciated
Yayyy. I hope it gets better and doesn’t turn in to an ad machine just for revenue. It needs micro transactions and to not be so greedy. Gamers have seen it happen so many times. Too costly so nobody buys, game gets abandoned, hacked because they never update. Then come the ads lol. Companies pumping out apps for ad income. Reduce the cost and make it easier to lvl up cards and you will earn more for a while b4 u turn it in to another ad machine.
  • Hyper Dot Studios Limited
  • Thanks for providing valuable suggestions! We will recommend them to the related department. See you in the game!

Latest Update :

New Guilds social feature
New Orc Origin
Pre-battle screen improved
Gameplay improvements and bug fixes
Game balancing

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