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[Game] Cursed Sword – Demon Whispers

Cursed SwordCursed Sword: “Darkness’s Might, Devouring Light”

High-Intensity Boss Battles
Get ready to pick up high-tier gear every time you defeat a mighty boss. Confront the mightiest foes in high-stakes boss battles. Test your skills and teamwork against formidable enemies that demand strategy and coordination. Only the bravest will conquer these epic encounters and claim their place among the legends.

Gorgeous Combat
Challenge yourself in fierce battles where tactics and skills collide. Unleash a variety of skills, craft unique combinations, and engage in thrilling combat scenarios. Every battle is an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Compete with other players and strive for supremacy in the whole realm.

Freeform Customization
Forge your own destiny in this dark fantasy MMORPG. Tailor your character with unparalleled freedom—customize appearance, choose unique skills, and shape your distinct legend in the mystical realm.

Diverse Outfit Show
Express your style with a plethora of fashionable outfits. Stand out in the crowd with a wide range of costumes, each adding a unique flair to your character. Showcase your personality and creativity through a diverse array of visually stunning attire.

Incredible Perks
Login to unlock VIP2 effortlessly, granting you access to unique privileges. Enjoy daily rewards, bonus EXP points, and in-game advantages. Ascend the ranks and relish the prestige of each membership level. Level up to claim the ingot card and stand out. Plus, unlock the “Elegance” fashion set with a 14-day login. The path to greatness is adorned with extraordinary rewards

Cursed Sword user reviews :

Dropping it down to 4 stars, as the server timing. Events and some daily challenges only go by the server time, which means you’ll likely miss the events or alliance beast challenges or other events because there are no stacked times to accommodate people. The only way around it is to either chronically be online to get the perks, or set your alarms to wake up to so said challenges, or completely miss out. The game is great, timings and settings are disappointing.

Okay, your game does look good. I’ll give you that. But I am constantly having to battle the auto mission more than the enemies. If I turn off the ‘auto’ function, it should stay off right? And the pop-ups! Ugh! Suuuuuuuper annoying, and I get lost in them just trying to understand how any of it helps me. Money money money money lol

Seems rushed, throws you in world no customization with character gender locked classes. Auto fights you for control if you are idol for a few seconds, can’t really control much and text prompts are too fast, didn’t know what I was doing everything went by so fast. Uninstalled.

Literally just got it and the first thing I launch into are these amazing graphics. When you log in you automatically get rewards I just started. The combat is smooth and the music and peaceful. I might have just found a new favorite MMORPG/RPG. You have a 5-star rating from me, awesome game you have here lots of effort put into this. Love it so far. Keep it coming with new updates and events I’ll be here to play.

Game looks cheap. It auto moves every five seconds even with the auto attack turned off and I can’t stress enough how much I hate games that try to play themselves. I rated it 5 stars at first for the in game rewards. got those. realized I didn’t care and now this is my actual review.

Graphics are insanely good. Too many pop-ups to buy stuff and upgrade your character. It’s decent but it could be so much better if they cleaned up the UI.

I like the game, but right now it’s unplayable. I can’t even get into the game, because it keeps failing to load the map or says I’m already online when I’m not even logged in yet. I hope the problem is fixed soon, so I can continue playing, because it’s been two days now that I can’t even get into my account. And why it keeps trying to log me into the cross server map, I don’t know, but it’s very annoying.

  • Hello, please try to restart the game to see if it is resolved, if not, please provide us with your detailed device information for further solution. Thank you.

Liking it so far still getting the hang hang of the gameplay. Absolutely love the graphics! Haven’t noticed much of a storyline sadly. Maybe I’m missing something lol or just a bit daft lol but looking forward to see how it all plays out

Fair good game/ forced to rate the game of five star out of 2 out of 5 there’s normally the right I give it the system claim to get the prizes in the game you have to write a full five to receive those prices to help you they need to fix it for the players in the game for love them to not have to wait five stars they can write the between 1:00 to 5 stars but firstly choosing that you have to is messed over not allowing full exception not by choice.

Good I wish for other themes or sounds for skills are a bit repetitive or dull I think it can be fixed by adding a gauge or using the monsters armor certain critical or sfx based on the enemies and what they soulike used on a wooden beast or type, depends moon rain light leather beast armor skill sfx and weapon deserves better attention in all games, for example fighting in the Forest versusother acoustic areas,number of enemies etc should control some of the harsher noises from frequently used

Just started playing the game but the art is amazing, the story seems interesting to what I’ve experienced so far. I will update once I’ve played the game for a bit longer.

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