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Guardian WarIn your quest to save the princess, you will encounter challenging boss battles that require strategic planning and skillful execution.

Utilize your heroes’ unique abilities and upgrade their equipment to triumph over formidable foes.
Explore diverse landscapes, from lush forests to desolate wastelands, each teeming with hidden secrets and valuable loot waiting to be discovered.

Embark on epic quests and side missions that offer rich storytelling and challenging objectives, allowing you to delve deeper into the immersive world of the game.

With each step forward, you inch closer to the ultimate showdown with the dark forces and the dramatic rescue of the beloved princess, securing your place as the legendary savior of the realm.

Guardian War user reviews :

My cup of tea. Cool retro style. I love the character design. I actually played Rumble heroes, and I noticed a few differences. I hope you can add power-ups during dungeon stages to help with the difficulty. Also, please have improvement with meat drops. Character rolls have not been with healer types. I really like the game, but I hope we get a little bit more luck. Thanks!

  • Hello, Thank you so much for your support. Your words will be a great motivation for us. We will continuously improve our game to better and better quality!

The red crystals which you need to increase party size/power hardly drop BUT you can buy them. Inevitably you will reach a point where the map pieces you use to find the red crystals are too hard to complete and you just instantly die. Now you’re basically locked out of making meaningful progress because the map pieces level only goes up as you play. You’ll get maps that are “easy” but you just instantly die. And now they’re gearing up to add PvP… Get your CC# ready if you wanna be a “winner”.

  • Hi , we are sorry that you do not like the game but we thank you for your feedback. Our future updates will improve the game for you.

ive enjoyed this game up to the 40k mark. cant level my resouce buildings because what is required is impossible to gather. storage is useless cause it adds nothing to the amount you hold. red crystals are pointless to try for. if you are hoping to get a super rare, then guess again, you will almost always get the weakest one in the lineup first. the game is just meh at this point. because of those issues, it makes me not care about playing it anymore.

This game is essentially Rumble Heros, and the thing is, is I would have liked this one maybe even more, if they also didn’t ask for way more money for packages. 26.99 for the add removal, was like 7$ for Rumble heros. You want to make a game the exsact same minus graphics (Rumble is more cartoon and this one is more pixel) then another game, the smart move would be to offer things the same or cheaper then the competition. I find this game annoying because of the adds, and no way I will pay 30%

Overall game is worth playing. Artwork and gameplay is nice, no real story but it’s already fun. No force ads, best part of the game. I still watch the ads for extra rewards and personally that’s one of the benefits of not forcing ads on me. I did buy 2 of .99 packages to support the developers. I would rate 5 and buy more expensive packages had the pull rates been better, bc Game relies on repulls I wish pulls weren’t skewed. 2 legend 1 common on pull chance, 1st pull will ALWAYS be common.

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. We will take note of your suggestion and look for possible implications as we make improvements to the game.

It has potential. But lacking in resources. The max storage is 1250 but the upgrade in buildings is 1400-1500. And no option to add storage to upgrades. Also its hard to draw even one yellow hero unless youre too lucky to have 3 yellow hero in portal. I suggest to have reroll in equipment options and also useless hero shards to dismantle and to exchange for a hero choice.

I’ll give for that these games are REALLY casual to play. It’s portrait-oriented screen, it’s inclusivity for us to get rare heroes at the beginning, the endless guide for us to understand tasks in games, the way to gain resources for daily needs easily, the wide maps, wide heroes option, wide enemy types, AND the undemanding ads (other than many games out there) BUT also an equal feedback/rewards if we watch ads. I love you developers!! <33 Keep this game alive as it is now

  • Hello, Thank you so much for your support. Your words will be a great motivation for us. We will continuously improve our game to better and better quality!

It’s a very very good game to pass the time, and I’m attached to it, Playing and grinding all day, but there is one little problem, the maximum Wood, Meat and Gems that you can carry is only 500, and now the game is good and all, it’s user-friendly and user-centered, BUT, there are some upgrades that is too much, like you need to upgrade this and you need 600 Wood, Meat or Gems but you only have 500, still a FINOMINAL game, but I can’t sleep just thinking about it, upgrade need 600, maximum 500

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We’re very happy to know that you’re enjoying Guardian War!

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