Cut Down All – Explore islands and plants of different styles

[Game] Cut Down All

Cut Down AllIn the world of Cut Down All, you can chop trees in rainforests, collect cacti in deserted deserts, or even in water…

Many mysterious islands need you to find by yourself. As the game progresses, your truck will have more and more cool saws, and the capacity and speed of the truck will also be improved qualitatively! Finally, you will go through the forest like a whirlwind and cut everything down!

Game Features:
Explore islands and plants of different styles
Upgrade the saw and truck to become more powerful
Make various of interesting products with the wood you’ve gathered

The most important thing is no actual trees and plants were harmed in the development of this game!

So, what are you waiting for? Play and enjoy it!

Cut Down All user reviews :

2/24 This game is unfinished, I’ve already paid for it to support you, why won’t you finish this game properly. Please make more levels. It only goes to level 72. This is a fantastic little game. I purchased add free and some money in the game to support the devs. Will you be making anymore levels please, as I have got to the last level. I find this game very relaxing. Still waiting for your response. I’ve paid good money on this game, still can’t access Home in the game.

I got to level 72 and it won’t unlock the house or the next area map. other than that it’s awesome

Was a great game for entertaining my 3 year old. Put the phone in airplane mode so the ads don’t pop up and she could play without interruption. That is until around level 48 or when we upgraded to the 5 blade cutter. At that point the lag was so bad the game would just about freeze and it became unplayable. Fix the lag and I’ll probably keep playing.

Every level is the same. Went through 40 levels thinking okay they’re going to change it and nope they don’t. Every level is very quick and yet you watch 2-30 second ads. If you want to change blades up yes that’s another 30 second ad. You even know when the ads are coming because yep you guessed it everything is exactly the same level after level. Got very bored quickly and I don’t even know why I went through 40 levels. I am so out.

Enjoyed it but got maxed everything. Got to finish level 72 and it wouldn’t unlock the home feature and couldn’t find any help. All in all a time waster if you have time to waste and can get monotonous. Have uninstalled the app since. Also after a few levels you need to close it to clear memory as it becomes lumpy in movement when played on Motorola Edge 30 ultra.

not a bad game but the ads are too much

no bombardment of ads! thats difficult to find now days and many apps give ads within the first 30 seconds of play. this app has ads but all of them besides the “travel to the next world” (and this ad is a short skippable one) are optional! well done… i hate that this has to be applauded but well done

Fun! Watch ads only if you choose

It’s a pretty fun tree cutting game but a fake sweepstakes ad keeps popping up in the middle of gameplay. It’s made to look like it’s from Amazon but it’s clearly not. I would’ve kept playing if this wasn’t happening. 3/5!!

A… – 11 Stars, had too put one star to post Review..I tried really hard to contact them, I used a proper google letter layout, with my info n troubles, it’s been 8 X’s Ive installed and uninstalled this app. I’m over it, I am disappointed in how they handled the problem, They Didn’t Respond, or Try To Help,

Absolutely riddled with ads, but vast majority are choice/reward based. Between-level ads are forced, but are somehow tolerable (~5s), but becomes a litte worse as you level up and complete levels faster (~1min). It’s entertaining enough, but not worth waiting for an update to an incomplete game once lvl72 is reached, which is the current limit.

It’s alright as a time waster game but the levels are very short and easy, once you’ve upgraded the machine a bit. Also, even though other places (factory, home) say they will unlock at certain levels, they don’t.

Pretty fun, but all levels are sort of the same. I have made it to level 72. It says unlock home at 72 but nothing happens. No new worlds, it just tells you to play the previous lands. I will probably uninstall but it was fun while it lasted.

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