Grass Ranch – Find the mysteries under the lawn

[Game] Grass Ranch

Grass RanchOnly cut and cut? Of course not!

Now you can move around and feed some adorable animals! They will bring you great rewards!

In this most satisfying lawn mowing game, your main goal is to mow the grass and run a big ranch.
Take your lawn mower for a ride and find the mysteries under the lawn.

Grass Ranch user reviews :

Literally just downloaded the game and within the first 30 seconds of playing an ad popped up. I understand ads are needed to fund the game to keep it free for us and its appreciated, but 4 ads within 3 mins of me playing is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. I would have liked to enjoyed the game, but I will be uninstalling due to too many interruptions.

I usually don’t mind paying a little bit to get rid of the ads so I did and I powered through the game in literally 2 days. There’s only 63 levels. Your literally just mowing grass. No other objectives or goals. Disappointed the game literally just ran out of levels.

It’s fun to play at first but since level 17 the game is just glitchy and doesn’t run properly and it’s annoying, fix it

This game would actually be okay if it wasn’t so laggy. I paid for ad free but I was still seeing forced ads. The worse part is once you get a bigger blade and you go faster the game can not keep up. You have to spend 20 mins just waiting for the grass you cut to come to you. It’s awful

really enjoying it. I wish there were more options to control movement and change equipment. I think it would be great to change up mover for trimmer, or crops like corn wheat, or barley. Even a hay stakes would be fun to add.

Just downloaded and then deleted because there’s an ad less than every minute of the game. Definitely read all the reviews about ads before downloading. You can’t even play a full round of the game before you see an ad.

Down graded stars because everything thing it done so what’s the point of going on with it there’s nothing left to upgrade everything is at max all rooms in the house are done also so you’re just doing the same old thing over and over again boring unless you updated the the game with more to do I’m uninstalling the game

this game is good but recently you guys have been adding to much adds and it doesn’t have any other problems except for the part that adds to much add and the adds are getting really annoying and making me to quit this even tho I don’t want to quit this game so am hoping that you guys will see my comment and talk about it because is getting to much and also you guys have to change the graphics because any time I get to another level it really gets dizzy and annoying but I won’t quit this game by

I finished all 63 levels in one week. Definitely too many ads. But I just wonder when new levels will come?? Also the size that the app occupies on my device itself is way too big!!

While this is a good game concept, the execution was terrible! TOO MANY ADS. Literally an ad every 15 seconds, and they are super long and annoying to get through. I suggest turning your mobile data off, or turn on airplane mode, that way there are no ads. Sometimes it’s laggy when picking up karge amounts of grass, and you can accidentally glitch out of the map and become stuck, the only way to fix it is to glitch back in or restart the app.

Cool game but be warned. You WILL spend more time with ads than playing the game. Due to that, it’s not worth the install. If they adjusted the frequency of ads and you were able to make at least 2 trips without ads, it’d be worth it. A way around this, start game, toggle airplane mode and play. Youll have to watch 1 or 2, after that, you’re set. When ready to log off, then turn airplane mode off, do 2-3 full runs and then log off.

3 star only if you play in airplane mode. 1 star for intrusive ads that pop up every time you return to base( which is every 10 seconds). No vehicle variety, unless you buy them with real $$$(no point for such a short game). 45 levels, but your mower will always be under powered past level 25. This just slows the mower down and if you want to power it up you can watch ads(no point as you can only do this once per stage). Decent distraction, but there are better Mobile games that offer more.

This would be a great game if you would reduce the ads. You don’t need an ad with every cash drop and level change and upgrade

Fun time killing game. I put 3 stars for a few of reasons.. 1: A couple bugs that happen if you stick to close to the edge of the map cause you to break through the invisible barriers causing you to be stuck outside the map..2: Game lags here & there & then the animals clip through the map or break through the area they are in and just run all the way off the map passed where you can even see..& 3: There needs to be more levels. Other than those things it was and enjoyable game

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