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[Game] Cute Dogs Life

Cute Dogs LifeExplore the world of Puzzles with cute pet Dogs! Easy, swift, fun to play Puzzle game.♪

Take care of all your pets along with progressing through tons of unique stages!

Easy, fun to play Puzzle Game with virtual pet Dogs!
Download Dog Life for FREE!
No annoying registration required! Intuitive interface!

Enjoy solving easy, fun puzzles with pet dogs!
Take care of your pet dogs, solve Puzzles together!
Stages get harder as you progress, everyone from a Beginner to an Expert can enjoy! Absolutely FREE!

Come, experience an Adventure with cute pet Dogs!
Cute doggies such as puppies and toy poodles, miniature dachshunds, pomeranian, chihuahua etc. appear.

How to play
Connect three or more coins!
Special coin appears on connecting many coins at once!

Different stages have different requirements!
Satisfy mentioned requirements to clear the stage!
Keep in mind the time limit and the number of moves left!

Clear stages to get new pets!
Your new pet will appear in the Garden!

Refresh yourself by spending quality time with cute pets!
Pet your dogs, feed them, and even play Fetch!
Personalize the garden area as per your liking! Transform it into your own personal space!

Special Events Planned!
Get exclusive pet dogs during special events! Such events will keep on happening!

World Ranking System!
Compete with players all around the world on the basis of your Star Count, i.e. Star Ranking.
There’s also an event exclusive Event Ranking system!
Event Ranking toppers will receive special presents on event completion!

Cute Dogs Life user reviews :

Hi I just have to wonder what is the reason for wanting access to phone calls? I disabled it and I doubt I will play the game anymore since we need to give that access to play. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute game and kinda simple fun, but it’s a little suspicious they requested such. Also, yeah some things are still not translated. It’s quite manageable in a way, however.

Will be uninstalling if ads aren’t fixed. Ad constantly takes you out of the game & to the advertiser’s website causing you to lose your current game progress & making you restart minus the life you were using. Played your games for a decade & never had this prob before.

Cute, initially appealing, but also confusing as not all of the information/menu items are in English, so it’s not really clear what I’m supposed to do with various things. The match-3 aspect is fun, the dogs are sweet, but why the heck do I have to give permission to make calls? Uninstalling for that reason.

Really great game but the levels are way to complicated, I can only get so far, then never can pass it and just eventually put the game down forever, in candy crush even the extremely difficult levels are achievable.

The dogs are so cute. I also play bird life. App permission to make and manage calls because it lets the game take more process on your phone so that it runs well. All you have to do is google it weirdoes!

This app is great so far! I love it. 4 star rating only because I can’t understand japanese launguage/ because I speak English. But otherwise I would definitely share this with others!

I love the game this doesn’t bother me but I think you should be able to have multiple of one item(s). But once again it doesn’t bother me just a suggestion.

Its great! But add more dogs to the game and make them less expensive, 40 diamonds for a chihuahua? Thats not fair.

I think this games takes way too many gigabits if it didn’t I would give it a five star. Same with all of the others animals life games

Pretty decent app, but I expected a little bit better. I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but it is very laggy. (Btw, I am NOT judgy)

I got every single one of these things and they’re so cute by the way keep up the good work.

I really like it because it’s cute and fun and puppies and dogs are my favorite animals

i love this i always want to had a dog i saw this game its good no crashing phone

Hi my name is Olivia and wen i fount this games i wis in love with it ok bye oh and iam 7 yis old ok now bye

So cute and the puzzles are quite challenging. Only problem I have so far is that it takes FOREVER for the puppies to be made when you mix dogs. I mixed two dogs at seven this morning and I’m still waiting at six thirty in the afternoon

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