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[Game] CutOff – Online Racing

CutOff Build the ride that shows your style with an unbelievable range of cars and customizations.

Launch yourself between chaos and control as you hit the pedal and roll into underground street racing. Takedown the competition, up your rep, then kick into more races, more customizations, and more cars. Make your choices and never look back.

Collect over 30 of the Best Cars. Each cool vehicle has been carefully selected based on its aesthetics and the top driving performance you need.

Use the new car editor to define the exact color and material of your car. You can also pick the color of the Rims, and more, to look your best on the track.

Start your street journey in Career mode by completing over 60 Levels. And become a real racer legend by racing against rival players from all over the Country.

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Telegram Admin: @CutOffAdmin

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CutOff user reviews :

Great game! Reminds me of NFSU2 with the free roam and street racing vibe. I believe the selection of common cars adds to that street racing vibe as well. Only complaint is that the brakes seem to bite all too well, which apart from being slightly annoying, seems weird when you’re driving a stock 90s economy car. Other than that everything feels great. I suggest adding steering wheel control and custom placement of controls. Keep up the good work!

a well crafted game. controls are responsive, great visuals and excellent audio! My one complaint? That I can’t customize my car yet! If I have enough cash, I shouldn’t have to wait until some requirements or levels are reached. Items not available yet should say so when on world map so drivers don’t waste time driving to those locations. Everything else is bomb creators! Nice job!

The game has a interesting selection of cars, and really great customization! I’d go as far to say it’s almost got as much good customization as some modern need for speed games! Though there are a few collision bugs and the AI sometimes is not competitive at all or sometimes they crash right into a wall before a turn. I want to note something: i would reply to some reviews but i can’t because such feature is not implemented, anyways this game is not arabic! It’s persian!

This game is just awesome! Its so well developed that I even haven’t enough space to tell you all good things. In fact should be the best free car game for mobile device till now. I am over 40yo and played most of the reasonable car games through the years. It feels like computer game. Yes its arcade but it took the best from NFS series. I still haven’t succeed to play it online by any reason but should be fine I wish you health and prosperity for all the development team and keep going!

This is a very rare and unique game. There’s not a lot of games like this, that have all the features this one does. My one and only complaint so far is that you cannot move the buttons where you want them to be on the screen. Not even the big deal, but the only game this reminds me of closely. Is BeamNG because of all the features like blinkers, lights, etc. And yes, definitely arcade like. Thank you for such a great game!

A fun game. The “campaign” is simple but it’s ok for me . The open world is a little bit tiny I think it would be a good idea to unlock more areas and it would give the perception of a larger map could be a good idea. The manual transmission in your game is one of the best I ever seen on a mobile game The “online” part is not a good idea to play I wait a lot to can race against other person

Change my mind. This game actually good. What’s the point upgrading car to the max, but can’t use in the next race because my car is lower class, end up buying low end car again! Dump bots. at low speed they play nice. at higher level, because you don’t upgrade, they will run like damn rocket in the straight line, and not even hesitate to hit you, even road is wide enough, then they crash on every corner. Easy win. The cars keep farting every changing gear

I like this game a lot but it needs a little bit of updates like more in depth performance upgrades, better AI, and better rewards I’m still new to the game still Level 5 but the grind is too much, all in all it’s a great game reminds me a lot of Nfs Underground 2 it has that same vibe.

Latest Update :

Added 4 new cars
Added Nowruz tournament
Solved some reported issues

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