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King Of Steering Too many cars for drifters: Sedan like Senata, sport sedan like charger, 4×4 wheel like super, pick up cars, or SUV cars like Yukon or Rolls. In KOS, feel free to upgrade your cars as you like whether to change the color or add some special stickers, show us your skills!

Game modes: online\offline, the special mode is the “tafjeer” try it! With every update there will be a lot of gifts and championships.

This game will make you feel like you are in a real world where you can buy food from restaurant, supermarkets. You can find the gas stations, ATM’s, car services and mosques around the map in a public server or your own
Maps: included with different maps (fast lane, alfrosya, highway, toweeq) and you can choose the weather as you want Sun/rain and night/day

Keep in touch: by the voice \ global chat to know and challenge other players. You can “Donate” “give” your friends or anyone keys/coins/VIP pack/season pass. But remember if you get many likes on your garage\profile you will get a medal (bronze, silver, gold). So do your best to be at the top in the leaderboard

The Season : A track for the kings and a free one, in each update a new season with different events for cars, gifts and exclusives. Championships between the legends of the king of steering and 30 days full of fun. you will get speed boosters \ keys \ coins and the most important exclusive cars for season subscribers only !

Daily Missions: if you do them, they will increase the experience points “XP” you need to level up , so you can unlock a larger collection of powerful and fast cars!

Also Be the King with the VIP pack!
voice chat in game
can access exclusive cars
your name will be special
create room with a password
kick other user from your own room
daily free Keys\coins
remove ads
unlimited chat
get special discounts

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King Of Steering user reviews :

This game is good and the drifting is fun but there is room for improvement. The game quality can be better and the music should have some variety instead of the same one everytime.

Game is pretty much good, would be great if you can add the ability of opening the car doors within the free roaming maps, also adding camping tools stuff like tents,mats or ground seats Thanks!

Well, I gotta say, I’m quite disappointed with this game. To start off, on my first try on opening it, the app freezes and kicks me off. Then after thee second attempt, it finally worked. However the gameplay is so underwhelming. To start of the driving sound effect is complete trash and the game lags too much. It could have had potential, but it just doesn’t live up to it.

Everyone likes King of steering but it is lagging if you touch the level on your screen

Please add widebodykits to the game that would make it more helpful and get even more downloads.

A lot of cars in the game and it looks realistic and it is one of the best game’s

This game works fine. Don’t read the hate comments. There are no Ads except when you want to unlock a free car. However using the steering wheel sucks. Use the arrows.

It would be great if you could place your controls anywhere you want on the screen and for that you get 4 star rating from me otherwise it a good one

I think it is a good game but I cant drive the cars I will play it when there is an opportunity for you to make it so the cars are free. I give it a 4 I will fix my rating when you fix the game

The game is very good but the steering wheel is very wierd if you turn the wheel to much then it will not registered that you have your finger on the steering wheel and if you are using the buttons then it over responds and with the manual transmission setting the car stays in nutral for to long before it goes into first gear and that would mess me up on the reverse 180 and alot more cars are free then you really need while starting out in a game in my opinion but the game has alot of bugs in it

I would give it more but it kick’s me out every minute. I’m just trying to play but boom I get kicked. When you fix this I will fix my rating.

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