Daily activities tracker – Create your list of desired actions

[App] Daily activities tracker

Daily activities trackerTracker to keep track of daily activities.

Create your list of desired actions and mark the implementation every day.

You won’t forget anything and will be able to watch your progress.

By the way, this way you can acquire new good habits.
To form a habit, you need to regularly perform the desired action.
Keep track of what you did during the day. Every day.
And watch as this action becomes a habit.

Use the predefined list of good habits or create your own.

Keep in mind, studies say that to form a habit, you need to perform an action for an average of 66 consecutive days.

Fill out your checklist for every day
View past days
Track your progress – increase your habits rating and collect prizes for constancy.

Form daily habits that you find useful for yourself. Evolve and track every day.

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Daily activities tracker user reviews :

This app has two features that I have spent years looking for in one app. The first being, not just a checklist, but one with percentages. I have found a few that will also provide a completion rate, but they had other flaws. The other is what I consider multiple instances of the core application. A lot of times if I want multiple lists, I have to use another phone and place one per. With the multiple lists, I can track each one individually. That’s a big deal for me, as I like compartments.

  • Thanks for the detailed review! It’s great that you liked our application

I can have multiple daily lists on this app. It doesn’t require a reminder on it, which is exactly what I was looking for. I can also edit my list after I have been using it.

  • Glad you liked everything! Thanks for the detailed review

First time user. I love the fact that it enables editing of the list unlike some apps. I will rate you 4 as I continue to navigate for efficiency.

  • Thanks for your feedback

Great I loved it. Very useful but please add “add another column in the middle”. I forgot to write some activities. There is no option to add in the middle.

  • Thanks for your feedback. To move lines, there are items in the context menu, which opens in editing mode with an icon with three dots

I like how easy it is to navigate and that it has an option to edit and curate your own habits.

  • Thank you very much! What did we lack for five stars?

The only thing you need to do is make the activities a option for weekly and yearly that would be helpful please and thank you

  • Thank you very much for your feedback and valuable suggestions

Only been using it for a few days but its so lovely and simple and exactly what I needed. Love that it copies over the list day to day, the % function and how easy it is to edit.

  • We’re glad you liked our everyday activity tracker!

Exactly what I need; daily repeating lists that I can check off to track my (life improving) actions without unnecessary other things

  • I’m happy that our application helps you

The widget feature is missing.. & this can be the the reason if I ever uninstall this great app.

  • We’re sorry we don’t have the feature you’re looking for.

Amazing app to develop good habits. I love that it marks your do list in percentage so that you can be motivated to do everything you want to do 100%

  • Thanks a lot! We’re glad to hear that you appreciate our daily to-do tracker.

Basic, doesn’t require dumbass payment for something that should be free. If you’re looking for a portable to do list, this app is for you, just don’t change everything all of the sudden.

It is really useful tool. It helped me do my good habits everyday. The side I loved is statistics and analitics. They show my progress.

  • Thank you very much for your detailed review! We’re glad you liked our daily activity tracker

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