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My Diary

My Diary – Daily Journal with lock is a mobile application that allows writing a daily diary on your phone that supports recording and attaching images and helps to make a personal diary about events, appointments, secrets, and daily feelings.

Daily diary is your own private thing, My Diary supports locking your diary with a password, storing your daily diaries with Drive, and syncing them on as many devices as you allow. Journaling is not just about recording your happenings and moods over a period of time.

But more than that, the Daily Diary app also helps you to stabilize your mind, look back on what you have done and change. From here you will discover yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and address them.

Tips for using My Diary – Daily Journal with a lock to keep a fun and cute diary every day!

Write a daily diary using pictures
With just a little drawing talent, a picture diary will make a new and cute diary-writing style. You will be free to be creative in both language, images, and colors Many everyday stories in life from going to school, going out, or traveling will be told under funny drawings in your style. This style makes your diary less boring, and at the same time, your personal style is more clearly shown on the diary pages through the character image

Personal diary with lock and fingerprint
Protect your daily diary with password or fingerprint. Don’t worry if you forget your password, My diary supports password recovery with security questions.

Daily Journal for daily goals
Bullet Journal is a scientific way to record, systematically, and manage work. Incorporating them like journaling will help you track, capture, and improve yourself for a better life. Still more or less expressing your sentiments

Daily Journal by photo book
Like a picture diary, a photo book will be a picture diary. It will be suitable for those who do not like to draw, are not good at drawing, or are not too skillful. Combine photos so they can help you say something. Diary App supports exporting the photo, and daily diaries to PDF files or printing it

Diary sync between devices
Sync journal entries with Drive to keep them safe and accessible across multiple devices

Daily diary with tags
My Diary – Daily Journal with lock supports the management of diary tags, you can use any tag name that reminds you of your diary or topic

Personalize daily diary in your Daily Journal with lock
Use your photo, choose the color you want, and add a little tweak to your liking and you’ve got a new theme for your own diary app.

Try a new way of journaling with the My Diary app on mobile!

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My Diary user reviews :

This is the best diary/note app I have come across. Different fonts, stickers, borders…I absolutely love it! It would be great if the diary/notepad automatically notes what time the entry was started and ended. Would save me heaps of time trying to get the exact times noted down.

It is very good app this provide many backgrounds,stickers,drafts,you can make your own stickers also and have tags,different types of fonts and colours it is offline and free app it has high security you can also choose a pattern or password with your fingerprint if you forgot your password and pattern so it ask 3 question that questions are asked at that when you open the app for first time it is also very easy to use it has many colourful widgets and you can also set remainder very good app

This is a great app!! It has fonts, stickers, drawing U can draw! I LUV this app and I’ll always will! This app is amazing! And I have my own password too! I really really really luv this game and it’s so much fun having dairies! I mean it is fun though like I really think it’s a good game and sometimes I draw a sticker or a drawing, I LUV this GAME LIKE I LUV MY MOMMA! SO keep up the good games and everyone will luv it bru like I LUV IT and everyone will, it’s their decision not mine…kk bye!!

it’s a VERY cute app!!  I just wish I could make permanent custom stickers too. like yes we can make them but we can’t save them to our main collection. i wish we could do that. also, it’d be nice to have a second of adding special underlining or highlighting (pastel colours or like something unique) in addition to the cute fonts <3 p.s. I’m in LOVE with the app emojis. it’s so fun

Loved how simple and easy is the diary to use. No ads, easy customize, voice recorder, and personally I liked is data can restored by linking to Google drive. Hope the developer maintain the same and bring no other features.

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