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Daily DiaryDaily Diary Journal with Lock – is your personal journal for every day.

It is a diary with a lock and mood tracker for you to note your experiences, explore your emotions and add photos to the entries. Make it your private and secure notebook, use it as a journaling app for free.

Save your memories in your Daily Diary and keep them secure from curious eyes by using password, fingerprint or face-ID. Note the mood and use the emotion tracker to learn what makes you feel better. The app is beautiful and simple to use.


SECURITY – protect your personal diary with password, fingerprint or face-ID
PHOTO ADDING – make it a photo journal, not only a diary with notes
CALENDAR – save and revive the best memories every time you want
MOOD TRACKER – note your mood and track emotions
DAILY REMINDERS – make journaling a habit
EASY-TO-USE – enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the app

The perfect daily diary to write down your thoughts or plans for the day! You can come back to them every time you want to remind yourself about something important, save wonderful memories and photos, note your ideas and insights.


A photo journal for memories
You can write your thoughts, feelings or experiences and attach photos. Even little notes each day help to organize your inner thoughts and gain clarity on your priorities.
It can also be used as a gratitude diary to remind yourself of the good things that have happened during the day.

A mood tracker
Track emotions and note your feelings every day to see what makes you happy or sad. Emotion tracker is a very important tool that contributes to understanding yourself better. All your notes are locked, so nobody except you can access them.

Use the calendar and daily reminders not to forget anything important. Planning is key to have everything done on time. Record your classes, appointments or other events on the calendar.

Use fingerprint or face-ID to keep your personal notes private. Or set a password to be sure that your diary is protected.

And for sure new features are coming soon!

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Daily Diary user reviews :

Have been using the app for over 2 years, it mostly works pretty well and really appreciate the privacy and the mood tracking features. However it won’t allow me to back up to google drive(at least in the past half a year). It keeps getting stuck on creating backup loading screen and it won’t actually upload Try to sign out with google and even clear cache and force stop the app, but nothing has worked so far

  • Hello, Kenneth! Thank you for reporting to us about this issue, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please contact us at ‘diary[at]simpleinnovation.us’ and provide more details about it? We will investigate the situation. Best regards, Adel

This app is very simple and that’s why I love it so much. I don’t like the ads banner that was added in the last update, but I can live with it ig. If you’re open to suggestions, I would suggest an option that allows you to link or reference to another entry, I think it would be really cool and useful for me. Love

It’s okay! Not a WHOLE lot of free stuff! And the videos don’t seem to wanna work! So this one is a hard pass! Till they get more free stuff (i.e. fonts, themes, color schemes, bkgrds., etc.)! Uninstalling.

  • Hello! Thanks for sharing your opinion with us! User feedback helps us to become better. I will pass on your wishes to our developers for consideration. Best regards, Adel

My initial review was a 5-star and Easy to use and no ads comment But today as I go to write in my diary first time this year, I realized all my logs from previous years has been deleted. First of I got a new phone and all my information was transferred. Still use an android, same playstore account. But when I signed in, everything was gone. I am so disappointed. Nothing beats writing in a paper. End of story.

  • Hello! Thank you for reporting to us about this issue, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please contact us at ‘diary[at]simpleinnovation.us’ and provide more details about it? We will investigate the situation. Best regards, Adel

The application is great to use. The concept of themes, streaks and all is great. But the major question is. Where is all my data being saved.!? How do I retrieve them.!? What’s the use of backing it up to my email id.!? Please fix this issue asap. Then this will be the best app.!!

  • Hello, Sana! When you write notes in My Diary, they’re saved exclusively on your device. You’re the sole person with access to them. Additionally, there’s a backup on your Google Drive, but it’s not stored as a readable file; you can only access it through My Diary. If you need any help, contact us at ‘diary[at]simpleinnovation.us’. Best regards, Adel

it’s really good and it helps me memorize the places and know my old crushes and I love having fun with the background they are really cute and I love how o ask my friends to try to enter the dairy but they can’t cause they don’t know the password and it’s really fun seeing them try to get in.

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